Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss Scotland 2014

The new Miss Scotland will be crowned on May 1. 10 young ladies have been selected to compete for the crown and the honor of representing Scotland at this year's Miss World Final. One of the 10 lucky ladies will be crowned Scottish Sun Miss Scotland 2014 tomorrow night. Who will it be? If I were a judge:

Miss Scotland 2014: Charlene Key

1st runner-up: Melissa Beattie

2nd runner-up: Ellie McKeating

3rd runner-up: Courtney Trainor

4th runner-up: Linzi McLelland

Photos: Scottish Sun


  1. sorry you must be blind, Linzi is definately #1

  2. Sure, if you say so, I guess I must DEFINITELY be blind! Thanks! Best of luck to Linzi!

  3. Ellie McKeating won, folks.