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MISS SOUTH AFRICA 2014: REVIEW 1 - The Road to Miss SA 2014

Eye For Beauty Blog welcomes back our expert from South Africa who will provide us with their extremely insightful reviews again. This special was extremely popular with our readers in 2011 and 2012 and we hope that you will enjoy these wonderful reviews again. I would like to sincerely thank our guest writer for agreeing to write for us again. I've been a fan of the Miss South Africa Pageant for almost 25 years and this is such a wonderful way to stay in touch with what is happening in South Africa even after leaving the country temporarily to work abroad.

***DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are solely those of our guest writer and does not necessarily reflect those of the editor/webmaster of EYE FOR BEAUTY BLOG! ***

A tale of two cities, and a town called Bloemfontein Before I begin reviewing each contestant, I would like to thank Andy from Eye For Beauty for giving me the opportunity to do the Miss SA reviews for the third time. I have been an avid fan of Miss SA since the age of 6 when Diana Tilden Davis won the crown, and now at 28, I am surprised it’s been 22 years that I have keenly followed our national pageant. I will say that this year is undoubtedly the Revival of Miss SA in local media, and it is astonishing how well the organization is doing to promote the pageant. I am absolutely indebted to Miss Bam for really giving life to this pageant in every way imaginable.
BREATH OF FRESH AIR: New National Executive of the Miss
SA Pageant, Miss South Africa 2011, Melinda Bam has brought some
serious magic back to the pageant with her wonderful enthusiasm and
knowledge of what makes a pageant exciting and interesting!
Photo: Melinda Bam Official Facebook Page / Kevin Mark Pass
So let’s begin with what works, and then some suggestions for the way forward.

1. Miss SA on social media- Each Miss SA contestant has been given their own Miss SA Facebook page. This was VERY SMART on behalf of the organization. As a fan, I am observing exactly which contestants are using this platform to really catapult their existing profiles and make it remarkable. Kudos to the team. Ziphozakhe, Rolene and Anzel are in the lead in this category. It’s nice to see the contestants’ lives outside the pageant. The Miss SA Org is also doing astoundingly well with their facebook page, with close to 150 thousand likes. This can be attributed to the phenomenal coverage by the facebook administrator. Whoever you are, I wanna KISS you! Well, not really but keep up the great job
2. Judges and hosts- Elana Afrika is a perfect ten for me. The judges are simply fantastic. I am also happy that the whole Black Coffee scandal was dealt with professionally and intelligently. I am quite surprised this is the same Miss SA Pageant that existed a few years back.
3. Mood of pageant- The mood of the pageant is more relaxed, more realistic and much more chilled than in previous years and I LOVE THAT.
A MILLION... AND 12 THRILLS: The announcement of the top 12 was very exciting.
Photos: Miss SA / Sun International
4. A matter of class!- the pageant has evolved in a HUGE way in this year. Every episode is broadcast in HD, the announcement of the Top 12 was insanely spectacular at the pool, the girls are so much stronger, a fantastic lineup of sponsors who are actually BRANDS people are familiar with. 5. Bringing back past titelholders- Not only does it give us fans the opportunity to see our favourite past titleholders in the present, but it also creates this nostalgia amongst those who remember Miss SA in the past, but who are not familiar with recent titleholders. So this is absolutely lovely.

1. Broadcasting on Mzansi- I am totally against this. Miss SA is a NATIONAL pageant. I would recommend the broadcast to M-Net as much more people watch the channel. Carte Blanche is an extremely popular show for the network, it would make tons of sense to put CB on a hiatus for a week, and start the broadcast at 6pm so a lot of viewers would then tune in. It’s also right before the 8pm Movie Premier. I would NOT recommend SABC for obvious reasons. The SABC is just a sad mess.

1. Let each Top 12 contestant have her own evening gown. Let each one get a different designer, let the contestant sit down with the designer and give her opinions as to what colour, cut and fabric she likes. This indicates her personal style and it would be really an innovative idea. The Miss SA Pageant could also invite potential designers (those who are unknown) to be part of next year’s event. It would generate much interest in the pageant.
2. Allow LIVE scores to make a return. Part of an exciting pageant is to see if our opinions reflect those of the judges. These were shown in 2002, and that remains one of the reasons why 2002 was my favourite Miss SA Pageant.
3. The Top 12 should compete as individuals as not as a group. In previous years, one of the most annoying things was that ALL contestants LOOKED THE SAME, were on the stage at the same time, did not receive individual time on stage so viewers could see her move on stage. Announce the name of each contestant, and give her 35-45 seconds to WORK THAT STAGE. Then let’s see her score
4. GLAMCAM 360. This has been made hugely popular at the Oscars, and would work very well during the evening gown performance. When viewers get the opportunity to see the camera making full 360 angles so we can see each contestant from the back and from the front.
5. Top 12 should be interviewed and scored, compete in swimwear and be scored, compete in gown and be scored. The combined average of the three events can account for 50% with the remaining 50% from prelims. Then announce a top five. Allow the top five to answer a relaxed interview, and then the SAME final question. Announce the results in reverse order, from 4th runner-up to a FINAL TWO standing, ala Miss Universe.
2ND IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH: The owners and organizers of
Miss World feel strongly about having their own title holder. It
is unimaginable that a runner-up will do well at Miss World. South
Africa has a strong lineup this year and could even walk away with
both international titles but are the organizers of Miss SA hungry enough
for international success? Only time will tell!!!
Photo: Miss World Organisation

6. I don’t know how, but for Pete’s sake get one girl for Miss Universe and another for Miss World. I know one titleholder is essential, but find a way around this. I am sure it can be done.

I am essentially satisfied with the Top 12. It’s a strong group, but not the strongest group I have ever seen. The class of 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2008 were remarkably strong, but I am happy to see a few stunners in the Top 12. six girls have really caught my eye. Two if which are exemplary of the title Miss SA. Here are my choices for the crown, in order of preference:

MISS SA 2014: (Preferred for Miss Universe)- ROLENE STRAUSS.
PERFECTION: This kind of NATURAL beauty is a rare find. Rolene Strauss
could bring international glory back to South Africa. It will be a major boost for the Miss SA brand.
To see if others shared my views, I placed pictures of the finalists on various pageant message boards. It ended with a resounding applause for Rolene, and she is clearly the front runner. If she wins, and I think she will, I will be happy to welcome South Africa back in the Miss Universe Top five. It also helps that she is tall (1.77m), a medical student, a brunette, stunningly gorgeous and has a fantastic body. Her eyes are hypnotic. If Fadil Barisha gets his hands on her, I will pay top dollars to see what we would end up with. She is superb, excellent, fabulous- a phantasmagorical wonderment who exemplifies beauty and personality. If It were up to me, I’d crown the girl from Bloemfontein. It’s always been a big city girl, but every now and again, a stunner emerges from town like Bloem

1st runner-up: (Preferred for Miss World)- Zipozakhe Zokufa
CROWN CONTENDER: Stunning Ziphozakhe Zokufa is another major crown contender. She could do exceptionally well at Miss World... but as a runner-up she will not receive much love from the Miss World judges. A title is needed.
She is the most gorgeous black contestant since Avumile lost twice (insert angry face here), and she is on the same level as Candice Ndzeku (Miss SA 2004). She has been likened to Miss Universe 2011, Angola’s Leila Lopez. To me, she has quintessential beauty which will appeal to Julia Morley, CEO of the Miss World Org. She too, would do well at Miss Universe. It’s a pity that Zipo and Rolene entered in the same year, because back to back, they would be the next Vannessa Carreira and Cindy Nell (two Miss Universe top fives consecutively). To me Rolene edges her slightly, just because I have yet to see a bad picture of Miss Strauss.

Anzel Stoffberg, Tsegofatso Monggae, Caylene Marais, Jade Hübner
FIGHTING FOR THE CROWN: Tshegofatso Monggae is another gorgeous
top 12 finalist who is expected to score some major points from the judges of Miss SA 2014

These four contestant meet all the necessary requirements, but do not meet my expectations when it comes to nailing it internationally)

Coming up: A pre-final review (March 28) and a post-final review (after the pageant).

Photos courtesy of Miss South Africa Finalist Fan Pages

***DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are solely those of our guest writer and does not necessarily reflect those of the editor/webmaster of EYE FOR BEAUTY BLOG! ***


  1. I think Zipho would be the best and most strategic choice. She is effortless and spontaneous and her track record in pageantry is outstanding. She is also versatile and could be a success in both MW and MU.

  2. Really excellent write up

  3. Great write up. But we have to disagree. Miss SA deserves to be on a national free-to-air broadcaster. Not everyone has DStv. M-Net is only available to a few people who have the full DStv bouquet, therefore and even SABC 3 would have been better channels.

  4. i would like your opinion, its more valued than bloggers. yes we need a MW and a MU. no not broadcast on MNET, rather Mzani as this is part of the lower - middle income DSTV package. Mnet package is for the higher income groups. i wuld choose Roleene for MU and Tshegofatso for MW. i would exclude Caylene and Jade from my Top 5

  5. I mostly agree. I do however believe that politics will play a part this year. I really do hope Rolene wins, but I think Ziphozakhe has the politics on her side.

  6. why not just let SABC screen the finals at a later stage ................. live on Mzansi and then a few weeks later on etv or SABC ....... mnet NOT A GREAT CHOICE AS COMPACT VIEWERS DON't get that channel so you excluding a huge audience ...................

  7. I really like Matlala. She's the ideal height, unique features, multi-talented (SA Netball) and international basketball experience. Added to this Matlala has her 1st Degree (B Comm Accounting) and is working on a her post graduate. Not only a looker but an exceptional ambassador with right level of big match temperament to do well

  8. Good article, but we disagree on your choices. Out of such a bunch of lovely ladies, a girl like Anzel will do extremely well internationally. She has the best body, has a warm, outgoing personality, beautiful face and is a true lady with stacks of poise. As a bonus she has a sharp business brain (on her way to be a CA) and has the potential to develop into an incredible ambassador for our people and our country. She will really make a difference!