Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If I were a judge: Miss Russia 2014

50 gorgeous young ladies will for one of the most prestigious national beauty titles in the world. Miss Russia 2014 will be crowned on March 1 in Moscow. The winner is expected to compete at Miss World 2014 and Miss Universe 2014 should the pageants not take too close to one another. It would be interesting to see what will happen if the pageants will happen almost at the same time.

Another exciting thing about the pageant is it will be first (and perhaps the only )time this year that we will see Miss World, Megan Young, and Miss Universe, Maria Gabriela Isler, at the same event. Both girls will act as judges and will help to select the new Miss Russia and her runners-up.

Some seriously stunning delegates are competing for crown this year and it will be a potentially amazing year for Russia internationally. Last year I was lucky to pick the winner because it was quite a weak group but this year it's almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Best of luck to all the girls, but IF I WERE A JUDGE:

Miss Russia 2014: Ekaterina Lokshina (Ekaterinburg)

1st runner-up: Anastasia Reshetova (Moscow)

2nd runner-up: Anna Lesun (Sverdlovskaya Oblast)

3rd runner-up: Dinara Akbasheva (Tatarstan)

4th runner-up: Yulia Aripova (Balakova)

Top 10:
6th place: Alina Zhigulina (Tambov)

7th place: Maria Belonogova (Saratovkaya Oblast)

8th place: Valeria Chikchit (Krasnoyarsk)

9th place: Anna Puminova (Tyumen)

10th place: Irina Maximova (Tver)

Top 20:
11th place: Yana Sharlay (Novokuznetsk)

12th place: Victoriya Korotkova (Kalingrad)

13th place: Anastasia Gareva (Perm)

14th place: Victoriya Butyrskaya (Kazan)

15th place: Lia Asanova (Astrakhan)

16th place: Ekaterina Feldman (Kemerova)

17th place: Diana Borisova (Ulyanovsk)

18th place: Veronika Bagayeva (Velikiy Novgorod)

19th place: Oksana Chizhova (Vladivostok)

20th place: Olga Likhonova (Bratsk)

Ksenia Ipatova (Novosibirskaya Oblast)

Anzehlika Dmitrenko (Khanty-Mansiysk)
Photos: Miss Russia Organization

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  1. Damn these Russian girls! Almost everyone is a potential winner!