Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miss South Africa 2014: Scandal Brewing?!


Nepotism and Scandal: Miss SA owes us answers

Miss SA could be about to make headlines in the local entertaintment industry, but for all the wrong reasons at this point in time! We can exclusively reveal that Miss SA is being accused of breaking their own rules, using nepotism to help give a contestant an advantage that others don't have. Whether the organisers are aware of this or not remains to be seen. The contestant in question is Tidimalo Sethlako, who is believed to be related to Miss SA judge, Black Coffee.
The last thing Black Coffee needs is controversy, following the cheating allegations that emerged last year, however it seems he and his wife are at the forefront of another controversy as they have facilitated a family member's entry into the pageant.
A ZAlebs source tipped us off to the story. She comments, "I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Miss SA, and in my understanding all contestents can not have any family member on the Judging panel. But the one and only DJ Black Coffee has his wife's sister as a contestant. Mbali(black coffees wife) and Tidimalo Sethlako share the same dad, the late Freddy Modise"

The news could rock this year's Miss SA pageant and could put a severe dent in Tidimalo chances of progressing to the finals of the competition. Nepotism is never taken lightly, particularly at competition level and if proven true, Miss SA's reputation faces a lot of potentially damaging questions to answer.
We pondered whether this could be an accident, or whether the two sisters are distant and/or unaware of each other's existence, however these thoughts were soon quashed. Our source added, "They are very close and in actual fact she is the one who persuaded Tidimalo to take part in the event knowing very well her husband will be the judge."
We hope that Miss SA organizers, or Black Coffee himself can come out and clarify if this is true or if there has been a misunderstanding somewhere- all contestants deserve a fair shot in any competition.
Do you think Tidimalo should be in trouble for nepotism? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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