Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sabrina Beneett is Miss Universe Malaysia 2014

 The new Miss Universe Malaysia is 23 year old Sabrina Beneett. She stands 1.78m tall and was named the winner of the annual contest at the conclusion of a reality contest that lasted several months. Beneett will now start preparing to represent her country at Miss Universe 2014. The first runner-up was Lalitha Monisha, the second runner-up was Kausalya Ida, and the third runner-up was Lyn Lim.

She's got a very interesting look. I'll be watching her transformation as year goes on.


  1. The winner looks Mauritian!

    How many women competed for this pageant?

  2. Not a chance at International Level. Sorry, need a lot of polishing. Carey looks much more stunning.