Monday, December 16, 2013

Miss International 2013 Review: The Spoilers

The 53rd Miss International will be crowned on Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan. Pageant fans around the world feared that this pageant would not take place at all. It seems like Miss International's Japanese organizers are finding it quite hard to find a host for the pageant. This could be attributed to the way they run the pageant. The pageant is quite outdated and their productions are quite slow and sleepy. The organization must be commended, though, for keeping it a classy and elegant affair. The delegates are treated like real queens. Even though the event is just 10 days long this year, the organizers made sure the girls live in luxury, receive gifts (each one got an iPhone5S!!!) and that there were a wide variety of activities for them to attend.

It's also necessary to mention that the reigning titleholder, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Japan's very first Miss International who was crowned in Okinawa in October 2012, is notably absent from all events. It has come to light that Miss Yoshimatsu is hiding away and being kept under 24 hour surveillance after her life has been threatened by a prominent Japanese businessman who started stalking her soon after she won her title. In a sad twist of events, the International Culture Association, wanted to avoid scandal and did not want Miss Yoshimatsu to press charges against the businessman. Kudos to Miss Yoshimatsu for standing up for herself and being a strong and independent woman. Her duties have been taken over by Miss International 2008, Alejandra Andreu from Spain.

This year, 67 delegates are competing for the title. South Sudan is competing for the first time while Aruba, China, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Tunisia, and Vietnam returned to the competition. Argentina, Belize, Cameroon, Denmark, France, Israel, Latvia, Mauritius, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and the US Virgin Islands withdrew. It's not the strongest group of contenders we've ever seen at this pageant but the overall quality is still quite good. As it's very hard to form an opinion in just 10 days of competition about each delegate, I've divided them into groups. The sixth group is:

The Spoilers

Pageants are all about upsets, shocks, and surprises. What would the world of pageantry and our vocal fans be without an upset or two to "discuss" at length for weeks, or even months, after the winners were crowd. The spoilers are the girls who aren't perceived as major favorites for the crown but who could come from behind and edge out some of the major favorites to sneak into the top 5... or perhaps even win the crown! Whether they'll be seen as shockers or nice surprises, don't be surprised to see one of these 5 girls leaving dust in the eyes of some of the crown contenders as she sprints towards a runner-up tiara or even that famous winner's crown.





Estonia's Madli Vilsar made a huge impression on me when she competed for the Miss Universe title and where that one was more of an uphill battle, this one is definitely a pageant where her type of beauty can be recognized. Finland has a great track record at Miss International. I did not take much notice of their delegate at first but as time went by I realized that she's a contender to be reckoned with. Super gorgeous Miss Iceland is a tall blonde and she might be exactly what the Miss International Organizers are looking for this year. Could she give Iceland their second ever Miss International crown 50 years after they won their first? South Africa's Cindy Rosslind is representing the rainbow nation extremely well. South Africa is a major sash country in other pageant but they have surprisingly only places once at this pageant (in 1966) and Cindy is only their 13th delegate ever. She could very well be their best ever. Africa has never won this title and we reckon it's time and this young lady could be the first from her continent to wear this crown. Tahiti also sent a stunning lady this year. The beautiful Ohana Huber is such an exotic beauty. Wouldn't it be nice to see a winner from this Pacific island? The only problem is that she's quite short though.

Photos: Miss International / ICA

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