Monday, December 16, 2013

Miss International 2013 Review: The Safest Bets

The 53rd Miss International will be crowned on Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan. Pageant fans around the world feared that this pageant would not take place at all. It seems like Miss International's Japanese organizers are finding it quite hard to find a host for the pageant. This could be attributed to the way they run the pageant. The pageant is quite outdated and their productions are quite slow and sleepy. The organization must be commended, though, for keeping it a classy and elegant affair. The delegates are treated like real queens. Even though the event is just 10 days long this year, the organizers made sure the girls live in luxury, receive gifts (each one got an iPhone5S!!!) and that there were a wide variety of activities for them to attend.

It's also necessary to mention that the reigning titleholder, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Japan's very first Miss International who was crowned in Okinawa in October 2012, is notably absent from all events. It has come to light that Miss Yoshimatsu is hiding away and being kept under 24 hour surveillance after her life has been threatened by a prominent Japanese businessman who started stalking her soon after she won her title. In a sad twist of events, the International Culture Association, wanted to avoid scandal and did not want Miss Yoshimatsu to press charges against the businessman. Kudos to Miss Yoshimatsu for standing up for herself and being a strong and independent woman. Her duties have been taken over by Miss International 2008, Alejandra Andreu from Spain.

This year, 67 delegates are competing for the title. South Sudan is competing for the first time while Aruba, China, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Tunisia, and Vietnam returned to the competition. Argentina, Belize, Cameroon, Denmark, France, Israel, Latvia, Mauritius, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and the US Virgin Islands withdrew. It's not the strongest group of contenders we've ever seen at this pageant but the overall quality is still quite good. As it's very hard to form an opinion in just 10 days of competition about each delegate, I've divided them into groups. The fifth group is:


As the name indicates, these are the ladies we believe are pretty much on their way to the Miss International top 15. They are our "safest bets" for a variety of reasons ranging from a good track record at this pageant to just being solid and complete competitors who have not put a foot wrong so far. We also expect a few "casualties" here as Miss International is known for surprising results.







Brazil and Colombia are quite strong as usual and both ladies are what we call the complete package. I am missing the "X Factor" though in both of them but don't count them out at all. They will turn up the heat when it matters most. Gabon is probably the most beautiful black delegates and we hope that the Miss International Pageant which is infamous for ignoring gorgeous black girls has started to evolve into a pageant where delegates of all races are appreciated. Japan is placed her for obvious reasons. She's the host contestant and representing the home nation of the Miss International Pageant. They rewarded one of their own for the first time last year - will they make it a back-to-back victory for Japan? For the sake of the survival of the pageant, we hope not! Korea is a doll and deserves to be up there. India's delegate is strong. She has a great body, stunning face, and she's been trained to fight for the crown. Sweden has been a favorite ever since she won her national title. The hype around her has died down a bit but she could easily pull a surprise.

Photos: Miss International / ICA

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