Saturday, December 21, 2013

Miss Intercontinetal 2013 is Miss Russia

Hot favorite, Miss Russia, 23 year old Ekaterina Plekhova defeated 58 other delegates to be crowned Miss Intercontinental 2013 in Magdeburg, Germany last Saturday. She stands 1.74m tall and will be making appearances on behalf of the World Beauty Organization, organizers of the event. The first runner-up was Miss Puerto Rico, Aleyda Ortiz, and the second runner-up was Miss Colombia, Margarita Peralta. Koreen Medina from the Philippines and Kayla Nel from South Africa finished fourth and fifth respectively. The top 5 reached the final round as winners of their continental titles. Russia won Miss Intercontinental Europe. Puerto Rico won Miss Intercontinental North America, Colombia won Miss Intercontinental South America, Philippines won Miss Intercontinental Asia and Oceania while South Africa won Miss Intercontinental Africa.
The delegates from Argentina, Panama, Germany, Costa Rica, Curacao, England, Hungary, New Zealand, Poland, and Thailand completed the top 15. Puerto Rico was named Miss Smile and Panma won the Best National Costume Award. Miss Argentina took top honors in the Best Evening Gown competition and Miss Philippines won Best Body. Miss Turkey was named Miss Press, Germany won Miss Congeniality, and Portugal was named Miss Photogenic.

The winner is gorgeous. Great top 3.


  1. South Africa winning Miss Intercontinental Europe? Were they out of their mind?

  2. No, sorry... not them. I was out of my mind! LOL Thanks!!!

  3. I didn't thought Russia could win considering they were in Germany.