Saturday, December 14, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss Intercontinental 2013

59 delegates will compete for the Miss Intercontinental title in Germany later today. The winner will take over from last year's winner, Daniela Chalbaud from Venezuela. I know this pageant usually follows a continental system but I am not really going to go strictly according to their rules with my picks. Who will be the next Miss Intercontinental? If I were a judge:

Miss Intercontinental 2013: Russia

1st runner-up: China

2nd runner-up: Puerto Rico

3rd runner-up: Poland

4th runner-up: Colombia

TOP 10:
6th place: Martinique

7th place:Germany

8th place: Gabon

9th place: Greece

10th place: Albania

11th place: Philippines

12th place: USA

13th place: Portugal

14th place: Costa Rica

15th place: Thailand

Photos: Miss Intercontinental

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