Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gabon's Finest Crowned

The Miss Gabon 2014 Pageant took place on Saturday night. This year the organizers decided to crown two title holders. The new Miss Universe Gabon is Maggaly Nguema (21) who will represent her country at the 2014 Miss Universe Pageant. She stands 1.73m tall.

Pulcherie Nze Nzoughe (24) was crowned Miss Gabon World. She stands 1.7m tall and will travel to London next October where she will try to become her country's first Miss World.
The new title holders pose with Miss Supranational 2013, Mutya Datul from the Philippines
Both girls are attractive and could do well at their respective pageants. Gabon has really beautiful girls.

Photos courtesy of Global Beauties and Miss Supranational


  1. Miss World to be held in London again? I agree with Andrea - both girls are really attractive. It really doesn't make sense that they don't get any rewards being so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful....more like STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW!!! And that green gown I would not change!!!