Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eye For Beauty Blog Most Robbed Beauty of 2013

As we get ready to greet a brand new year, it's time to reflect on the year that was 2013. As always in pageantry we had plenty of shocks and surprises. Here are some of the ladies who were left clapping in their respective pageants that we feel deserved to have at least survived the first cut.

Yityish Aynaw made history this year when she became the first ever black Miss Israel. Fans fell in love with this stunner from the get go. She was due to represent her country at Miss World 2013 but as the pageant was being hosted in Indonesia, Israel had to back out. The organizers instead opted to send her to Miss Universe 2013.
During her year as Miss Israel, Titi was hitting the headlines. She met with one of her idols, US President Barack Obama. She was also featured by news channel, CNN. Titi, who was born in Ethiopia, was admired around the world for breaking barriers. Fans saw her as a sure crown contender in which ever pageant she would go to.
I don't really know what went wrong for her at Miss Universe. I thought she looked great and she deserved to be in the top 15 at the very least. I thought she looked sexy in preliminary swimsuit and elegant in gown and I'm still mortified that she missed the cut. What could it have been? Was it her lack of English? Or did Mr. Donald Trump perhaps not like her love and admiration for Obama? Or was the world just not ready for a black Miss Israel? Whether is was a political move or just being outclassed by fiercer competitors, to me she's a stunner and the MOST ROBBED BEAUTY OF 2013.


  1. In my opinion what could have hurt Yityish's chance of making it to the Top 16 is because she resembled Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopez so much. I do not know if her trainers groomed her this way or what!! But I do agree that Miss Israel should have made it to Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 over Switzerland, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico!!!

  2. Could Yityish represent Israel at Miss World, whether 2014 or later. I for one want to see that

    1. I do agree with you... Miss World, Miss International, or Miss Earth!!! Yityish is stunning!!!