Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eye For Beauty Blog Most Robbed Beauty of 2013: #12

As we get ready to greet a brand new year, it's time to reflect on the year that was 2013. As always in pageantry we had plenty of shocks and surprises. Here are some of the ladies who were left clapping in their respective pageants that we feel deserved to have at least survived the first cut.

Our Most Robbed Beauties Special starts with NUMBER 12:

Mariela was supposed to compete for the 2011 Miss Earth title but an injury forced her out of that competition. This year, she got a second chance to compete and we were pretty sure that she was going to do really well at this pageant.
She many be the typical cookie cutter pageant beauty but that's exactly part of her allure. She has this kind of exotic beauty combined with natural sexiness, a banging body, and the ability to command attention. We were sure her stage presence and natural flair would take her to at least the top 8. However, the real judges did not agree and this stunner, who placed in Miss International 2010, was left clapping. We still don't know why!


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