Monday, November 25, 2013

Miss Earth 2013: Photo of the Day (11/25)

PRIDE OF THEIR NATIONS: These 12 delegates were awarded Best in National costume at Miss Earth 2013. Africa: Gold - South Africa, Silver - Nigeria, Bronze - Tanzania; Americas: Gold - Bahamas, Silver - Brazil, Bronze - Bolivia; Asia: Gold - Indonesia, Silver - Philippines, Bronze - Thailand, and Europe: Gold - Russia, Silver - Spain, Bronze - Norway


  1. Wow! Miss South Africa is doing very very well at Miss Earth. Placing at top 15 on both swimsuit and national costume. Shes Rockin the pageant!! Way to go Miss SA!

  2. My love for Miss Earth will not wane. This is still one of the best pageant in the planet for me with Miss World and Miss Universe. Even after controversies, it has still the second most number of delegates after Miss World. It's uniqueness and its cause keeps it alive.