Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If I were a judge: Mr. International 2013

38 contestants will battle it out to become the next Mr. International in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 21. Last year's winner, Ali Hammoud from Lebanon, will crown the 8th Mr. International at the conclusion of this event. Who will be the next Mr. International? If I were a judge:

Mister International 2013: Mr. Czech Republic

1st runner-up: Mr. Italy

2nd runner-up: Mr. Brazil

3rd runner-up: Mr. Puerto Rico

4th runner-up: Mr. Turkey
TOP 10:

6th place: Philippines

7th place: Chile

8th place: Indonesia

9th place: Costa Rica

10th place: Mexico
TOP 16:

11th place: Venezuela

12th place: Spain

13th place: Lebanon

14th place: China

15th place: Peru

16th place: Slovak Republic


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