Sunday, November 10, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss Universe 2013

Last night I stayed up until 2am to watch Miss Universe 2013. As all other pageant fans, one of the things I enjoy most is to be an armchair judge and I don't always agree with the real judges. I followed this year's pageant closely and watched all the videos and I also watched the preliminaries. Yesterday I released my final list of favorites! 11 of my favorites made it to the real top 16. I included Israel, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Paraguay instead of China, Indonesia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Switzerland. The exclusion of Israel and Poland came as a huge shock to most fans.
First up was the swimsuit competition:

COSTA RICA: 9.68 - Fabiana looked stunning. She was polished but I felt she could have worked it a little bit more. However, her body is just absolutely stunning.
UKRAINE: 9.66 - Beautiful and great body but I wanted her to show more personality.
CHINA: 9.60 - I wasn't a huge fan before but I actually loved her styling last night. And she really rocked the stage.
ECUADOR: 9.64 - what a stunning body! She worked hard to be in the best possible shape.
GREAT BRITAIN: 9.72 - Wow, Amy looked absolutely stunning. She was just gorgeous and very sexy.
INDONESIA: 9.56 - I knew it was time for Indonesia to be rewarded but I was pretty sure that she went as far as she could in this competition.
VENEZUELA: 9.70 - a pro - she looked amazing.
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: 9.65 - Stunning, vibrant, one of the best delegates from her country in a long time.
PUERTO RICO: 9.70 - what a body but wasn't a fan of her hair but she worked the stage.

SPAIN: 9.75 - absolutely gorgeous, stunning beauty!
USA: 9.61 - Erin looked good but I had so many other favorites!
NICARAGUAY: 9.63 - great body but I still think she looks quite harsh and plastic.
SWITZERLAND: 9.54 - very cute but I also felt that her road should end here.
INDIA: 9.67 - great to see India being represented such a stunning girl to one of the big pageants.
BRAZIL: 9.79 Perfection
PHILIPPINES: 9.63 - She was good but she looked a bit tired. Maybe I'm comparing her to Megan Young and the last three Filipino delegates at Miss Universe.

MY TOP 10: Cost Rica, Ukraine, Ecuador, Great Britain, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, India, and Brazil! The judges agreed with 8 of my choices but USA and Philippines advanced instead of Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

Next up was the Evening Gown Parade:
SPAIN: 9.89  - gorgeous, great gown, great girl, great performance
PHILIPPINES: 9.77 - glad she wore her hair down but she still looked a bit old to me.
GREAT BRITAIN: 9.82 - stunning. that dress looked like it was painted on her. She did everything right.
INDIA: 9.79 - absolutely gorgeous - great dress, stunning girl
BRAZIL: 9.81 - love this lady and love that she toned her stage ferocity down for the evening parade - smart
USA: 9.80 - Erin looked great in that red gown. She really deserved her spot.
UKRAINE: 9.90 - OH WOW! She blew me away. I didn't really see it until this point. Breathtakingly beautiful!
ECUADOR: 9.78 - Beautiful girl, beautiful gown but I thought this would be the end of the road for her.
VENEZUELA: 9.82 - So glad she changed her gown. She looked great.
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: 9.70 - I wasn't a fan of her evening gown look.
Ukraine was the winner of the EG competition for me!
My top 5 would have been Spain, Great Britain, Brazil, Ukraine, and Venezuela. The judges only agreed with 3 of my choices. They chose Philippines and Ecuador instead of Great Britain and Ukraine.

The top 5
Next the top 5 had to answer their final question:

Ecuador: 9.46 - I don't think she answered her question at all. I didn't get her answer.
Brazil: 9.62 - Ok I was totally underwhelmed by her answer but I was in awe of her beauty so I gave her a higher score.
Spain: 9.64 - she got a really hard question and her answer wasn't great but I thought she handled it quite well and didn't mess it up. I thought it would be enough for a win.
Philippines: 9.61 - she gave the best answer but her delivery came across as rehearsed and robotic.
Venezuela: 9.49 - I felt that she also didn't answer the question! Parts of her answer was good but she didn't really answer what the judge asked.


4th runner-up: Ecuador (Real placement: 2nd runner-up)
3rd runner-up: Venezuela (Real placement: Miss Universe 2013)
2nd runner-up: Philippines (Real placement: 3rd runner-up)
1st runner-up: Brazil (Real placement: 4th runner-up)

SPAIN (Real placement: 1st runner-up)
Photos: Miss Universe Organization and The Mirror UK


  1. I agree with your assessment in top 5 and their supposed placement.But we should also consider that we are just watching in television.We are not in live audience.Venezuela's answer is like Venus' response in 2010.Both didn't give the answer.But I'm not wondering why she won.It's about the overall performance.But I love Spain so much.She really give the best performance for me.

  2. I have just finished watching Miss Universe 2013 (thanks to the invention of the DVR!) and I am really in awe!!! To start off, Great Britain was robbed,,probably India too!!! In my opinion Venezuela's evening gown was too busy and distracting. Plus she did not shine like Ecuador, Brazil, or Spain! My Top 5 would have been Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Philippines, and Great Britain!! I ranked Venezuela 9th!

    As in in the final question.... I thought that Brazil was thorough with her answer(9.7), Philippines gave the best answer, was robotic but not rehearsed (9.66), Spain was sincere, gave a good answer but not convincing (9.60), Ecuador was ok (9.40), and Venezuela really did not answer the question but turned her answer to suit her (7.0). I think that Venezuela probably won by default!!! I disagreed with your choice of Brazil as one of your big favorites but along with Spain and the Philippines, Brazil was ROBBED!!!

  3. I still don't get Ecuador. Her transformation has been amazing but she still was not one of the most beautiful girls on stage. I thought Caroline Aguirre deserved a spot instead of Costanza Baez. Venezuela really did not give a straight answer but I think the judges were looking for calmness and sanity. It was not a problem because I believe Venezuelan beauty queens are all trained to memorize all kinds of answers that could suit to every type of questions. Philippines looked amazing on stage and I like her better than her three predecessors.

    Venezuela was statuesque and modelesque. Her win was well-deserved and like the other two anonymous commentators said, the overall impression was the reason why Venezuela won, Andrea, who is your Miss Fotogénica? Miss Simpatia?