Monday, November 18, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss Grand International 2013

The first ever Miss Grand International Pageant will take place on November 19 in Bangkok, Thailand. 71 delegates will compete for this title. Now, let met say this. I'm pretty impressed. The first ever Miss Grand International delegate has a good group of delegates (can be better though) and they traveled to different places in Thailand. On top of that, they have a great set of prizes which we don't see so often in beauty pageants anymore. I am also very impressed that everything ran pretty smoothly so far and for once it's a pageant that didn't overpromise and under-deliver. So well done to the organizers for that. They also had a livestream for their preliminaries and will have one for their final too on their youtube channel. That's impressive! (Take note, Miss World Organizer!!!)

As for the delegates, the group is quite good but not outstanding. I must say though that more than a few black stunners caught my eye. They all deserve to make the cut. I'm just hoping that in a country where milk white skin is adored, these lovely ladies don't get shut out. In fact, my number one favorite is the only girl that I really think rocked the prelims. I am just hoping the judging for this pageant is free and fair.

If I were a judge:

Miss Grand International 2013: Dominican Republic

1st runner-up: Venezuela

2nd runner-up: Moldova

3rd runner-up: Philippines

4th runner-up: Thailand
TOP 10:
6th place: Cuba

7th place: Slovak Republic

8th place: Puerto Rico

9th place: Colombia

10th place: Turkmenistan
TOP 15:
11th place: Australia

12th place: Kenya

13th place: Serbia

14th place: Netherlands

15th place: Namibia
TOP 20:
16 place: Zimbabwe

17th place: Switzerland

18th place: Wales

19th place: Brazil

20th place: Poland


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