Friday, October 4, 2013

Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 is Latvia

25 year old Alice Miskovska, Miss Latvia, defeated more than 40 other delegates to be named Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 in China on Thursday night. Mishkovska was Miss Latvia 2011 and represent Latvia at Miss World 2011. The first runner-up was Miss South Africa while Miss China finished as the second runner-up. Miss Korea finished in fourth place and Miss Portugal finished in fifth place. The top ten were completed by the delegates from the Philippines, France, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, and Xianning China (host city ambassador).

Other titles were also awarded:
Miss Tourism Ambassador Asia: Miss Inner Mongolia
Miss Tourism Ambassador Africa: Miss Namibia
Miss Tourism Ambassador Europe: Miss Greece
Miss Tourism Ambassador Oceania: Miss New Zealand

The winner is pretty but not all that. This organization's love for Eastern European winners (or Asians) is becoming tiresome.

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