Saturday, October 19, 2013

If I were a judge: Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2013

32 delegates are left in the running to battle it out for the Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2013 title after the Miss Morelos was crowned Miss World Mexico. The winner will be crowned later today and she will represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2014. Who will be the next Nuestra Belleza Mexico? If I were a judge:

Nuestra Belleza Mexico (Miss Universe Mexico) 2013: Miss Jalisco, Paola Neyreda Sanchez

1st runner-up: Miss Baja California Sur, Josselyn Azzeneth Garciglia

2nd runner-up: Miss Tlaxcala, Nydia Galindo

3rd runner-up: Miss Sonora, Vanessa Lopez Quijada

4th runner-up: Miss Aguascalientes, Vianey Vazquez

TOP 10:
6th place: Nuevo Leon, Vanesa Montemayor

7th place: Sinaloa, Irma Cecilia Padilla

8th place: Tamaulipas, Barbara Falcon

9th place: Estado de Mexico, Jeannine Saad Meraz

10th place: Yucutan, Maritza Heredia Torre

TOP 15:
11th place: Chihuahua, Ana Lucia Baduy

12th place: Distrito Federal, Paulina Garcia

13th place: Guanajuato, Giovana Vazquez

14th place: Tabasco, Rosa Perez Quevedo

15th place: Baja California, Ana Paulina Assemat

Sonora 2, Clarisa Lucia Sandoval

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