Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If I were a judge: Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2013

The fifth Mr. Gay Hong Kong Pageant will take place this weekend. 5 finalists will compete for this title and the opportunity to represent Hong Kong at the next Mr. Gay World Pageant. I don't usually cover male pageant but I'm doing this for my friend, James Gannaban, the co-founder of Mr. Gay Hong Kong. It started as a dream for him - a dream that  raised a few eyebrows. But James is not the kind of guy that gives up easily. Hard work, determination, and an undefeatable spirit kept this dream alive and not only is his event popular and well-supported by the local community, but in less than 5 years this contest produced a 2nd runner-up (2010) and a runner-up (2013) at Mr. Gay World? Can they go one further this year and find the winner of Mr. Gay World 2014?! If I were a judge:

Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2013: Anthony Pura

1st runner-up: Edward Chao

2nd runner-up: Ernest Kam

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  1. Ooooooh! This tickled me more than you can ever imagine :) Thanks for the shout, dearest Andre!! I'll share this with the boys who, I'm sure, will also be super duper pleased. If you were here in HK, I'd love for you to present one of the awards.

    Perhaps come by next year to be on the judging panel?

    Thanks, darling xxx