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Miss World 2013 Review: Guinea to India

Miss World 2013 will be crowned on September 28 at the Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali. This is the first time that a Miss World Pageant will be crowned in South East Asia and Indonesia was always seen as a brave, if not risky choice by the Miss World Organisation. The final was supposed to take place close to Jakarta but demonstrations and threats by hardline extremists forced the government of Indonesia to make the decision that the pageant will stay in Bali. The organizers basically had two weeks to relocate the final rounds to Bali. It’s rather disappointing to say the least and we feel extremely sorry for the friends, family, and fans who already booked flights and hotels to Jakarta. This should never have happened – they should have stuck with Bali in the first place or never even considered Indonesia as a host.

Even though the pageant is now scheduled to take place in Bali which is far more liberal, the threats from the extremists continue. It’s disappointing that these extremists don’t really take a look to see that the Miss World Organisation does a lot of good in this world. There is far greater evil in this world. Now, we really hope that the local organizers are extremely prepared to ensure that nothing terrible happens. 

On a positive side, stunning Bali provided a gorgeous backdrop for the 127 lovely ladies competing to be this year’s Miss World. It’s so hard to choose the top contenders this year because there are so many stunning ladies competing. We just hope that the results are fair and that the most deserving beauties make it to the final 20. Politics, propaganda, and business decision take a lot of credibility away from pageant – so may the BEST girl win. Now for my comments – I always try to keep it as nice as possible and would definitely not like to offend any girl or their family. This is a competition though, so I have to also keep my comments fair.

****** Miss World 2013 crown contender
***** Top 5 contender/Continental Title Contender
**** Potential top 10 semi-finalist
*** Likely to be a top 20 semi-finalist
** Could miss the cut or be a surprise in the top 20
* Very likely to miss the cut

Guinea’s Mariama is their first ever delegate at Miss World and she is just absolutely STUNNING. It does appear that she’s gone unnoticed so far and I really hope that is not the case. It would be a shame to see this stunning beauty being ignored. I am hoping for a top 20 placement (at least) for this gorgeous young woman. She was the perfect choice for Guinea’s first outing at Miss World.

There are some national title holders that just face much greater challenges to just get to the Miss World stage. Heny’s determination and resilience got her there finally… even though it was several days late. I salute her for overcoming several challenges and she will go down in the record books as her country’s first ever delegate at Miss World.

Now if you think this girl was great at Miss Universe, I’m going to argue and say she was even better at Miss World. I think she is actually much more of a Miss World girl. She is absolutely stunning, vivacious, and she appears to be a lovely girl on top of that. She’s got what it takes. Now let’s just hope the Miss World judges go ahead and give her the top 10 spot that she deserves.

Ketsia reminds me of Bokang Montjane who was named Miss World Africa 2 years ago. She has a lovely BWAP project and I’m sure she will score lots of points there. The fact that the Miss World Organization had a major initiative in her country will also work in her favor. She is in the running for a top 20 spot. :

Representing your country at a major pageant, like Miss World, is a fantastic achievement. Monica will always have the wonderful memories of being called Honduras at Miss World 2013.

Jacqueline is another positive surprise. I think she is much better than I initially expected and she’s also charming and well-spoken. Being one of the top 12 in Talent is something to be very proud of.  I don’t think she’s as strong as last year’s delegate but she did her country proud.

Annamaria has one of the most stunning faces of the pageant and I’m actually quite surprised that she didn’t make top 33 in Beach Beauty as she has one of the most stunning bodies of the whole group. At least she made it in Sports and Fitness. On beauty alone, she probably deserves to places, but there are about 50 other girls who I can say the same for.

Iceland’s Sigridur is quite petite but she still looked lovely throughout the competition. I must be fair and say that her country has sent stronger delegates. I don’t think they will have anything to celebrate but she can still feel proud of the fact that she represented her country really well.

I was waiting for Navneet to kick things into a higher gear for the duration of the competition but she just never seemed to get there. I was almost sure India was going to be in the top 5 this year a few months ago but in Indonesia it sometimes appeared as if Navneet gave up on all her desire to fight for the title pretty early on. She also looked quite skinny and younger than she actually is. Still, I’ve learned to never count India out at Miss World.
Updated: Yup, NEVER count India out - Navneet pretty much booked her spot in the semis after winning Multimedia and a top 10 in BWAP!
Photos: Miss World Organisation

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