Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miss World 2013 Review: Denmark to Finland

Miss World 2013 will be crowned on September 28 at the Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali. This is the first time that a Miss World Pageant will be crowned in South East Asia and Indonesia was always seen as a brave, if not risky choice by the Miss World Organisation. The final was supposed to take place close to Jakarta but demonstrations and threats by hardline extremists forced the government of Indonesia to make the decision that the pageant will stay in Bali. The organizers basically had two weeks to relocate the final rounds to Bali. It’s rather disappointing to say the least and we feel extremely sorry for the friends, family, and fans who already booked flights and hotels to Jakarta. This should never have happened – they should have stuck with Bali in the first place or never even considered Indonesia as a host.

Even though the pageant is now scheduled to take place in Bali which is far more liberal, the threats from the extremists continue. It’s disappointing that these extremists don’t really take a look to see that the Miss World Organisation does a lot of good in this world. There is far greater evil in this world. Now, we really hope that the local organizers are extremely prepared to ensure that nothing terrible happens. 

On a positive side, stunning Bali provided a gorgeous backdrop for the 127 lovely ladies competing to be this year’s Miss World. It’s so hard to choose the top contenders this year because there are so many stunning ladies competing. We just hope that the results are fair and that the most deserving beauties make it to the final 20. Politics, propaganda, and business decision take a lot of credibility away from pageant – so may the BEST girl win. Now for my comments – I always try to keep it as nice as possible and would definitely not like to offend any girl or their family. This is a competition though, so I have to also keep my comments fair.

****** Miss World 2013 crown contender
***** Top 5 contender/Continental Title Contender
**** Potential top 10 semi-finalist
*** Likely to be a top 20 semi-finalist
** Could miss the cut or be a surprise in the top 20
* Very likely to miss the cut

Marlene was my favorite for the Miss World Denmark title and when I saw her crowning photo, I thought this would be a great year for Denmark at Miss World. Since then she has fizzled a bit for me. She doesn’t seem to have that same special spark that last year’s representative (Iris Thomsen) had. I would not count her out just yet – she could still sneak into the top 20.

This is the first time since 1978 that we see a girl with the Dominica sash at Miss World and what a great way to return. Leslassa has the ability to be noticed in a crowd with her liveliness and unique look. She definitely made a positive impression and getting to shine as one of the top 12 in talent is definitely something to remember. I would be happy to see her make her country proud with a top 20 placement at Miss World 2013.

Even though I think there are stronger competitors in the Caribbean region, I would like to comment Joely for working hard to prepare to be the best delegate she possibly could be. She’s improved since her crowning and being one of the top 20 in the Sports and Fitness Challenge is a wonderful achievement.

Lartiza is the first Miss World Ecuador and this pageant started with a very strong representative. Her exotic and sultry beauty is hard to miss and see her as kind of a mix between Penelope Cruz, Selma Hayek, and Ximena Navarette. I think she has amazing skin and she just shined during her time in Indonesia. A top 10 spot is not out of the question for this lady.

Representing your country at a major pageant, like Miss World, is a fantastic achievement. I really hope that Paola will return to El Salvador with lots of fantastic memories and many new friends from around the world.

Kirsty reminds me of the stunning 70s beauty queens. She is a natural beauty and her gorgeous blonde locks and lovely eyes make her impossible to ignore. I think she has a lovely story and I admire her for overcoming a major challenge she faced when she was young. She has did quite well in the fast tracks too – top 20 in Sports and Fitness and top 33 in Beach Fashion. I think she could definitely get the Miss UK title. Updated: With great results in Top Model and BWAP, I think Miss England will be in the top 20 and get the Miss UK title!

Equatorial Guinea debuted at Miss World last year with a girl that caught fans’ and followers’ attention. This year their delegate didn’t make quite the same impact. Restituta is attractive but I feel she got lost in a very competitive African group.

I was really surprised that Genet made the Beach Fashion top 33. She’s got a more unconventional, exotic beauty that is not always appreciated by pageant fans. As with Equotorial Guinea, I feel there are much stronger girls in the African group.

Last year, Fiji’s delegate got quite a bit of attention but this year they were not quite as lucky. I know that Caireen did her very best to represent her country at Miss World and her countrymen should applaud her for it. Competing for the Miss World crown is much harder than it might seem.

I really thought Maija could be in with a shot at being a quarter –finalists but you only really know for sure when all the delegates come together. I still find her very attractive but she faded a bit and just blended in. It’s probably safe to assume that Finland will, once again, go empty-handed.
Photos: Miss World Organisation

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