Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miss World 2013: Photo of the Day (9/26)

AFRICA'S YEAR?!: With less than two days to go before a new Miss World is crowned, it seems like Africa's hope for
another Miss World crown is on either Miss Ghana (in red) or Miss Cameroon (with computer). We are pretty sure one of these two ladies could be Miss World Africa and possibly Miss World too. Ghana captured our heart a long time ago but we would also be happy if Miss Cameroon does really well. Best of luck to these stunning ladies.
Photo: Miss World Organisation

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  1. Of course it is NOT Africa's year. Ghana has not shone only making the Beach Beauty final and anyway this year is Philippines year. It is a shame in a normal year Ghana or Cameroon may have had a chance but not this year. If I'm proved wrong I'll be delighted but I am sure I am right.