Friday, September 27, 2013

Miss World 2013: Challenge Event Winners

Miss World Beach Fashion 2013: Miss Brazil
2nd place: France
3rd place: Ghana
4th place: Jamaica
5th place: Philippines

Great result - I selected Philippines as the winner and would chosen Brazil as top model. But either way - both are great. Sancler is sensational.

Miss World Top Model 2013: Miss Philippines
2nd place: United States
3rd place: France
4th place: Ukraine
5th place: Brazil
Awesome results - Philippines, Brazil seem to be neck-in-neck and one of them will probably be crowned Miss World tomorrow!

Miss World Sports 2013: Netherlands
2nd place: Spain
3rd place: Northern Ireland
4th place: Paraguay
5th place: El Salvador

So happy for Miss Netherlands!!! Awesome!

Miss World Multimedia 2013: India
2nd place: Thailand
3rd place: Nepal
4th place: Philippines
5th place: Malaysia

Still don't know the criteria for this one?!

Beauty With A Purpose 2013: Nepal
2nd place: Australia
3rd place: Tanzania
4th place: Belgium
5th place: Brazil
6th place: France
7th place: Ghana
8th place: England
9th place: India
10th place: Aruba

I was rooting for Ghana! :( Miss Nepal's project is very worthy though!

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