Monday, September 16, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss World Beach Fashion

11 finalists were selected to compete for the 2013 Miss World Beach Fashion title. The delegates from Brazil, France, the Philippines, Moldova, Jamaica, Spain, China, Ukraine, Italy, Indonesia, and Ghana were selected to battle it out for this title. The winner will be announced at the final of Miss World 2013 on September 28 at the Nusa Dua Convention Center. Who will be Miss World Beach Fashion 2013? If I were a judge:

5th place: Miss World Spain

4th place: Miss World France

3rd place: Miss World Ghana

2nd place: Miss World Brazil

and our choice for Miss World Beach Fashion

Photos courtesy of the Miss World Organisation -


  1. Megan FTW!

    Though for me,

    1. Brazil
    2. Philippines
    3. Ghana
    4. Ukraine
    5. Spain

  2. If you look closely.. Miss Philippines looks absolutely gorgeous! WOW!!!

  3. Philippines nailed it,look It's Natural Beauty,you can feel it..

  4. On the whole agree with your choices, but I think Miss France looks quite plump in her swim suit so would swap her and Spain around.

    But you are right with the winner Miss Philippies WILL be Miss World