Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reina Nacional Belleza Dominicana 2013: Winners Crowned

The Reina Nacional Belleza Dominicana 2013 Pageant took place on August 6. 15 contestants took part and 4 ladies were selected to represent the Dominican Republic abroad:

The new Miss World Dominican Republic is Joely Bernat (24) who competed as Miss Dominicana USA. She stands 1.82m tall and will represent the Dominican Republic at this year's Miss World Pageant in Indonesia.
The new Miss International Dominican Republic is Carmen Munoz who competed as Miss Santiago Provincial. She is 21 years old and stands 1.81m tall. Munoz will represent her island at this year's Miss International Pageant that will take place in the fall.
Miss Earth Dominican Republic was also crowned. Miss Duarte, Cheryl Ortega. She will be sent to Miss Earth 2014. Ortega is 19 years old and stand 1.76m tall.
Marcela Henriquez (21), Miss Santiago Municipal, was named Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2014. She stands 1.79m tall and will go to next year's Miss Supranational Pageant.

Based on these photo - the only one I really like is the Supranational girl. The World girl is my least favorite.

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