Saturday, August 3, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss Republica Portuguesa 2013

Miss Republica Portuguesa 2013 will be crowned on August 3. The winner will represent Portugal at Miss World 2014. Who will be the next Miss World Portugal? If I were a judge:

Miss Republica Portuguesa 2013: Ana C. Alves
1st runner-up: Adriana S. Conduto
2nd runner-up: Fatima Rodrigues
3rd runner-up: Catarina S. Sikiniotis
4th runner-up: Marthe S. Santos
Daniela M. Pereira


  1. I believe your opinion is based only on photos and this is not enough to judge all the girls.

    However as an affiliate for Miss República Portuguesa, from Setúbal region, I am happy that two of our candidates, Adriana Conduto and Daniela Pereira, are bought in yours favorite list to represent my country.

    Best Regards,
    Carlos Afonso

  2. Dear Carlos Afonso, don't take this too seriously - it's just a bit of fun!!! And yes, only based on photos - so it doesn't mean much! More importantly, we are happy that the Miss Republica Portuguesa Pageant is alive and kicking!!! :D