Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2013

Sherrece Villafana (19) was named Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2013 recently. She stands 1.8m tall and will represent Trinidad and Tobago at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia. Last year's winner and new franchise holder, Athaliah Samuel, organized a mini pageant to select this year's delegate. The first runner-up was Ria da Costa and the second runner-up was Starlet Lewis.

I was a bit concerned when I saw the first photos but she's actually not that bad!


  1. Geez Andre do you know how that sounds " I was a bit concerned when I first saw the photos but she actually not bad " Shereece is someone else's daughter / sister / cousin / girlfriend / friend and they wouldn't like to see those kinds of negative statements

  2. OK listen, it was not intended to be negative at all. The first photos I saw were just unclear snaps but when I saw professional photos of her, I realized she's gonna make a greater impact than I initially thought. If you want to make something negative out of it, then so be it. It wasn't intended to be nasty. My advice to her parents, siblings, family members, and friends: stay away from the message boards because there you will see things that are REALLY mean.