Thursday, July 11, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Australia 2013

IT'S A BLOODBATH AGAIN! One of the national preliminaries - if not THE - with the most gorgeous entrants will crown it's 2013 winner on July 12 in Melbourne. 30 amazing young ladies are competing for the Miss Universe Australia 2013 title and the opportunity to represent Australia at Miss Universe 2013 on November 9 in Moscow, Russia. It's almost impossible to choose - I'd honestly be happy if any of my top 15 wins. These girls are all stunning and I believe Australia will be competitive and up there once again. This year, I'm backing a girl who is not getting loads of attention at all and I'm looking and voting for FRESH, FRESH, FRESH natural beauty. The results will probably be totally different but IF I WERE A JUDGE:

Miss Universe Australia 2013: Kristy Coulcher
1st runner-up: Tegan Martin
2nd runner-up: Melinda Kemp
3rd runner-up: Caris Tiivel
4th runner-up: Mary Vitinaros

6th place: Marsi Fernandez 
7th place: Meaghan Slattery 
8th place: Molly Standfield
9th place: Tamlin Dobrich
10th place: Nina Hill
11th place: Lauren Barley
12th place: Courtney Thrope
13th place: Rachel Ayris
14th place: Sarah Czarnuch

15th place: Sarah MacLeod
Wendi Lanhman

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