Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Donald Trump Weighs In on Miss World Bikini Ban

First: 2003 Miss World, Ireland's Rosanna Davison was the first winner of Miss World Beach Beauty     
Recently it was confirmed by this year's Miss World hosting committee that there will not be a bikini round at the Miss World Pageant in Indonesia. The Beach Beauty segment of the competition will instead feature the girls in traditional Indonesian sarongs. This was a decision made by the Miss World Organization to respect the conservative culture of Indonesia as well as appease Muslim extremists who have vowed to shut the pageant down. These extremists have not really responded well to this decision and they are still threatening to get the pageant out of Indonesia peacefully or violently if they have to.
Winning Form: Gibraltar's Kaiane Aldorina won the Beach Beauty Contest in 2009. She was only the second Beach Beauty Winner to also win the Miss World crown.

The decision by the Miss World Organization has made headlines around the world, especially in the United States of America where swimsuits are traditionally an important part of any pageant. The sudden uproar might seem perplexing to Miss World fans around the world but lets take a moment to remember that the Miss World Pageant is not nearly as well known as it's American counterpart, Miss Universe in the States. Miss World super fans were surprised about the controversy as the importance of swimsuits has gradually decreased at the Miss World Pageant over the last two decades. When the Miss World Pageant was staged in India in 1996, the organizers made the same decision to opt for more conservative swimsuits when they named that part of the contest Beach Fashion. It was also the last time that there was a swimsuit competition on stage. The last time swimsuits were really featured on stage was in 1997. Since 2003 a Beach Beauty Competition has been part of the competition. For the first few years, the winner was fast-tracked to the top 15 but now the winners of this segment just gain extra points for the Miss World leaderboard. Miss World's main focus has always been it's charity and goodwill mission, Beauty With A Purpose.
Changing: Miss World has decreased the importance of the swimsuit competition over the years
Miss Universe joint-owner, Donald Trump, weighed in on the controversy yesterday when he criticized the Miss World Organization's decision. He went on to mention that it would be a good thing for his organization as Miss World ratings will "go down the tubes". He continued to make some remarks which could be seen as offensive to some Muslims. Was it Trump's way to try and stimulate interest in Sunday's Miss USA Pageant that will be broadcast live on NBC?! Decide for yourself:

I would like to make an appeal to the Miss World Organizers because we have been extremely worried about growing concerns about the Miss World Pageant in Indonesia. Is Indonesia really ready to host the Miss World Pageant? As one of the biggest Miss World fans (self-proclaimed) in the world, I am voicing my concerns to try and protect your pageant. Yes, the fans know and understand the heart of Miss World, but will the extremists take the time to really understand the pageant or will it just be a merciless crusade to show their commitment to their religion which will result in senseless violence? The Miss World Pageant has been getting so much positive publicity and respect in recent years because of the wonderful work Mrs. Morley and the title holders have been doing around the world. We would be devastated if all of this hard work which really strengthened the brand becomes undone because of religious violence. We certainly do no want to see a repeat of 1996, or especially 2002! We will continue your decision to stage the pageant in Indonesia but please ensure that Indonesia is 100% ready to stage a safe and peaceful Miss World Pageant. If not, maybe they are not ready for Miss World this year. 

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