Thursday, May 23, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Canada 2013

The new Miss Universe Canada will be crowned on May 25. 57 young ladies are vying for the crown this year. The winner will represent Canada at Miss Universe 2013. Last year, the eyes of the world was fixed on Canada when Jenna Talackova became the first transgender to compete in Miss Universe national preliminary. She made it all the top 12 before losing out to eventual winner Sahar Biniaz. Biniaz also made headlines when she had to withdraw a few days before Miss Universe kicked off. Her first runner-up, Adwoa Yamoah, stepped in to represent Canada at the pageant but she failed to place. Who will wear the crown this year? If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Canada 2013: Ashley Callingbull

1st runner-up: Denise Garrido
** I am so torn. Love both of these ladies and would like to see either of them win the title. Ashley is just amazing and was robbed at Miss World Canada last year. Denise is an absolute angel... I met her at Miss World 2010 and she is just truly beautiful inside and out. The only reason why I have her as runner-up is that girls who placed at Miss World tend to be left out of the top 16 at Miss Universe and I don't want that to happen to her. I would like to see Denise's pageant career end on a high. If she gets first runner-up, she could be sent to Miss International where I'm SURE she'll do VERY well... but then again I'd like to see the Miss Universe Canada crown on her head. I would be happy with either of these girls as the winner.

2nd runner-up: Ela Mino
3rd runner-up: Riza Santos
4th runner-up: Katherine Highgate
 Top 12:
6th place: Diana Martin
7th place: Kathryn Kohut
8th place: Nicole Manion
9th place: Jeeti Virk
10th place: Sarah Harrison
11th place: Lindsay Goff
12th place: Courtney Woodford
13th place: Mariya Davydov
14th place: Sarah Faraone
15th place: Barlen Zaro
16th place: Angel Bhathal
17th place: Jade McLeod
18th place: Olawumi Adeniyi
19th place: Alexandra Mathews
20th place: Siera Bearchell
Sandy Khaled


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  1. What about the others contestants that were favourites too, they did not make top 20, but for prediction all over the world... They would have probably the opportunity to compete for the tittle such a lovely girl Catherine Young