Monday, April 29, 2013

Monica Elwin wins Miss World Honduras 2013

The new Miss World Honduras is Monica Elwin (19). She beat 21 other delegates to win the title and the opportunity to represent Honduras at Miss World 2013. The first runner-up was Andrea Lopes.
The top 6 were completed by Nelly Reyes (3), Yunabel Unza (4), Sherill Rodriguez (5), and Geidy Seville (6).

Such a bad choice. Most of the runners-up are better.



  1. actually I picked this girl to win when I first saw the pictures of all the girls competing in the Bay Islands competition to see who would get to compete in the Ms Honduras competition. She won it all! I have read some negative comments but I think this girl has something special about her!

  2. Shes fucking ugly. Nothing about her its cute. Relly sad :(

  3. Monica Elwin is one of the most uniquely beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her imperfections MAKE her beautiful. Does anyone else see that? And......respectfully, what a body..............lord..........