Friday, April 5, 2013

If I were a judge: Mr. Brazil 2013 / Mister Brasil 2013

Mister Brasil 2013 will be crowned on April 5 at the Portobello Resort and Spa. 39 young men from all over Brazil is competing for the title. The winner will take over from William Rech who was appointed Mister Brasil 2012 a year ago. If a Mister World contest takes place during the winner's reign, he will represent his country at that contest. Who will be the next Mister Brasil? If I were a judge:

Mister Brasil 2013: Mr. Santa Catarina, Diego Novicki
1st runner-up: Minas Gerais, Junior Custodio
2nd runner-up: Tocantins, Douglas Schwengber
3rd runner-up: Parana, Adriano Ghisi
4th runner-up: Rondonia, Rafael Varela
5th runner-up: Ilhas Dos Lobos, Bruno Vanin
TOP 16:
7th place: Ilhas de Florianopolis, Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli
8th place: Atol das Rocas, Sidney Allan
9th place: Ilhabela, Diego Galante
10th place: Ilhas do Araguaia, Caio Ferreira Motta
11th place: Alcatarez, Ricardo Alexandre

12th place: Distrito Federal, Ricardo Fiorillo
13th place: Rio de Janeiro, Guilherme Bravin
14th place: Piaui, Davi Rodrigues
15th place: Ilhas do Delta do Jacui, Reinaldo Dalcin
16th place: Roraima, Roberto Sales
Bahia, Danilo Brito



  1. Will make one of Miss Brasil World too?

  2. Where is Fernando de Noronha (Lucas Arantes)?! It's unprofessional to exclude him completely from the list!