Monday, April 22, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss World Argentina 2013

Miss Mundo Argentina will be crowned on April 26. 21 young ladies have been confirmed as official delegates. The winner will travel to Indonesia in September to represent Argentina at the 2013 Miss World Pageant in Jakarta on September 28. The first runner-up is expected to represent her country at the 2013 Miss International Pageant. Who will be the next Miss World Argentina? If I were a judge:

Miss World Argentina 2013: Miss Jujuy, Aranxta Perez Martinez
1st runner-up: Miss San Juan, Ana Paula Zunina
2nd runner-up: Miss Capital Federal, Tereza Kuster
3rd runner-up: Miss San Luis, Daiana Bruno
4th runner-up: Miss Santa Fe, Daiana Andereggen
Miss Misiones, Antonella Viera

Photos: Belleza Argentina

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