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2012 Pageant Report Card: Winners

This is a tough one for me and I've been buying time. For a long time, I didn't know who I'd choose as my favorite winner of 2012. Let's just refresh out memories about who we are dealing with here:
Miss China, Wenxia Yu (24), won her country's second Miss World title on August 18 at the Ordos Stadium in Ordos, Autonomous Inner Mongolia Region, China. The last time her country won the title was in 2007 when Zhang Zhilin won China's first Miss World crown in Sanya, China. Yu beat 115 other delegates including stunners Sophie Moulds from Wales, Jessica Kawarthy from Australia, and Atong Demache from South Sudan.

Miss USA, Olivia Culpo (20), won her country's eighth Miss Universe title on December 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She is the first girl from Rhode Island to hold the Miss Universe title. The last time her country won Miss Universe was way back in 1997 when Hawaii's Brook Lee won the title in Miami, Florida. Culpo beat 88 other stunners including Janine Tugonon from the Philippines, Irene Esser from Venezuela, and Renae Ayris from Australia.

25 year old Ikumi Yoshimatu became Japan's first ever Miss International on October 21 in Okinawa Japan. The International Cultural Association that are based in Japan run the pageant. Yoshimatsu defeated 68 other beauties including Sri Lanka's Madusha Mayadunne and Melody Mir from the Dominican Republic to win this title.

MISS EARTH: Tereza Fajksova
Miss Czech Republic, Tereza Fajksova (23), won her country's first ever Miss Earth title on November 24 in the Philippines. She was selected to represent her country at the 2013 Miss Earth Pageant by getting the most online votes in her national pageant. Fajksova defeated 79 other beauties including Brazil's Camila Brant and Venezuela's Osmariel Villalobos.

At first, I was only completely happy with the win of Miss Earth even though she did not give the greatest answer to her final question. I had Miss World as one of my favorites all along but she was not at her best during the night of the final and the home victory left a bad taste in my mouth. Miss USA's win at Miss Universe came as a total shock and surprise to me. That was one of the last things I thought would have happened at Miss Universe. Miss Japan never even came close for me. There have been so many other more deserving Japanese beauties in the past but this year they rewarded a girl who just can't be compared to the other three.

I've had a few months to deserve all the girls and now I've made my final decision:

Like I said before, from the moment Wenxia Yu won her national title (she was my favorite for that title by the way), I had her as THE one to beat in Ordos. However, there was always this voice at the back of my head that told me that China would not win in China again so soon, so her best possible finish would be 1st runner-up. She was flawless when she arrived in China and looked great for the majority of the competition. Then she kind of started to fizzle a bit for me but she was still a really strong contender. I had her as the favorite until my last leaderboard when I placed her second (that voice!!!) behind Miss Wales.
I was not surprised when she won the Talent part of the competition or when she advanced to the top 7 but I felt somewhat disappointed on the night because she lacked something that night. She seemed withdrawn and slightly tired, or even maybe emotionless that night. When she beat two girls who I thought were more deserving on the night, Miss Wales and especially Miss South Sudan, I was not happy. I was really disappointed and I felt that she should not have won. Quite a turnaround from having her as the overwhelming favorite for the duration of the competition.
However, after following her reign for the last 8 months, I have started to fall in love with her all over again. There is no denying that she is an absolutely gorgeous girl. She has the beauty, the height, and the elegance. Most of all, I admire the class and dignitiy that she brings to the title. This has been a common denominator of most Miss World title holders over the last few years (there is an exception or two) and I am just so impressed with her sweet and sincere nature and her humility. Yes, she is not the loudest girl who will grab attention with her outgoing nature but there is a regalness and serenity that commands respect and admiration. I am not upset about her win anymore. In fact, I'm a Yuyu fan now and I am looking forward to the next five months until she crowns Miss World 2013 in Jakarta.

 There is no denying that Olivia Culpo has an absolutley gorgeous face. She reminds me of Alyssa Milano when she was young. I was happy when she won Miss USA as she was so natural and fresh that night. She just oozed charm and charisma and I thought she was the typical American girl next door... but I never thought she'd win Miss Universe. I had her locked in for a top 10 spot but MISS UNIVERSE?! It never even crossed my mind that it might REALLY happen even after China won Miss World in China and Japan won Miss International in Japan. She just seemed to have lost that freshness that she had while she was competing for the Universe title. On the night of December 19, to my great surprise and shock, she became her country's 8th Miss Universe though.
On the night of the final, I was really impressed by her swimsuit performance. Height is might in beauty pageants, but Culpo provided that short girls can rock it too. Her body is amazing and she looked great in swimsuit and worked the stage. Then it was the evening gown. I did not like the choice of gown so much, and hated the updo, and she even almost tripped. Based on that performance, a top 5 performance should not have been on the cards. She advanced, however, and when it was her time to answer her final question, I once again missed the fresheness and spark that she had at Miss USA. Her answer lacked substance to me and there was a certain cockiness in it that I did not respond to... but the judges did not agree and she won Miss Universe 2012. I was glad the 2012 pageant year was over.
Based on what I just said, you are probably wondering why I scored her so high. The fact is: I LIKE OLIVIA CULPO A LOT! Her beauty is undeniable. Her face is absolutely gorgeous and her body is rocking. She has an amazing personality and she is just so fresh and natural that you can't help liking her. What bothers me is that she underperformed but the judges still chose her. It seemed wrong but that's not her fault. Maybe it was just time for the USA to win again. I still like her as a person and I think she's gorgeous. Something that bothers me much, much more is her styling and the outfits provided to her. I find some of the outfits she has been given over the last few months downright tacky and I often think they are not doing much to highlight her beauty. But when she opens her mouth and you hear that gorgoues voice and see the twinkle in her eyes, then all is (almost) forgiven.

 I predicted a top 5 finish for Japan's Ikumi Yoshimatso at the 2012 Miss International Pageant purely based on the fact that it was to be held in Okinawa. Never in a million years did I actually thought she'd win the title. In fact, the top 5 placement would just be enough to say thanks to Japan for hosting Miss International again. Sadly, the most undeserving home victory of the year happened. It breaks my heart that there have been way more deserving Japanese beauties in the past who failed to win this title.
The fact remains that on the night of the final it was clear that Miss Japan was outshined by almost all the other girls in the top 15. When she was announced as Miss Photogenic, I was shocked but that was nothing compared to what I felt when her name was called as the winner. Sure, she was elegant and she seemed to have a great personality, and even did her speech in English. But come one, better than the gorgeous Miss UK, or even USA, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Colombia, etc.
The fact that 13 out of the 15 judges were Japanese also did not help to soften this blow. I understand this victory... national pride, and so on. But can I accept it... I'm not sure. I was really disappointed by the result of Miss International 2012 and I'm sorry to see that their title holder is my least favorite of the abovementioned title holders of 2012.

One of the highlight of the 2012 pageant year was when Tereza Fajksova of the Czech Republic won her country's first Miss Earth title. That's because for a moment I thought that the home victories would continue with the Philippines taking the crown. I was ecstatic and relieved when that did not happen and Miss Czech Republic was named the winner instead. Tereza was my favorite for the title before the girls arrived, and I even though I let bumped her down a few spots as the competition progressed, I still adored her. I was really hoping that she would not suffer the same fate as her predecessor, so I was ecstatic when she was called into the top 15.
She has this supermodel type of beauty that luckily also transcended well to the pageant stage. During the swimsuit and evening gown competitions at Miss Earth, she set the catwalk on fire with two very sultry performances. Her major stumbling block came during the top 4 Q and A round when she failed to understand the question. Her answer still made enough sense though but I was terrified that was the end of her chances. When her name was called, I felt extremely relieved.
I have no doubt in my mind that Tereza is one of THE most stunning winners of the Miss Earth title yet along with the likes of Nicole Faria (2010), Diana Prince (2003), and Priscilla Meierelles (2004). She's tall, elegant, regal, and she oozes sex appeal. The only thing that I sometimes see that bothers me is a slight harshness but only from certain angles. Other than that, I think she's absolutely amazing.

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