Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2012 Pageant Report Card: Semi-Finalists


Miss World had a record number of participating countries and territories last year - 116 delegates competed for the 62nd Miss World title in Ordos, China. Even though the top 30 quarter-finalists appeared on stage, only the top 15 semi-finalists were officially announced. The delegates who made it were:
India, Mexico, Australia, Jamaica, China PR, Wales, South Sudan, England, Brazil, Spain, Philippines, United States, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Kenya
The delegates from Spain, Brazil, England, South Sudan, Wales, China, and Jamaica were among the lucky ones who
were called in the top 15 out of 116 contestant at the 2012 Miss World Pageant that took place on August 18, 2012.
When you have to make a cut from 116 to 15, it is bound to be brutal and some shocks can be expected. However, there were several choices that shocked and surprised me. Some made sense, and I had suspicions about why others made it, and some just came out of nowhere. The thing is that the judging still remains a mystery. We didn't get to see all the interviews on youtube this year so that also played a role in not understanding the judging totally. Let's not forget that charity and the Beauty With A Purpose plays an integral part of the judging, hence the fact that many favorites and some of the most stunning ladies are often left clapping. I was totally surprised by the inclusion of the delegates from England, Indonesia, Kenya, and the USA in 2012. Ladies that I really wanted to see in the top 15 were Guadeloupe, Nepal, the Ukraine, and Colombia.


The Miss Universe Pageant also equalled their record number of delegates - 89 young ladies competed for the 61st Miss Universe title on December 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ladies who were called into the top 16 were:
Venezuela, Turkey, France, Peru, Russia, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, South Africa, Philippines, Croatia, Brazil, Kosovo, Australia, India, and USA
USA, India, Australia, Kosovo, Brazil, Croatia, Philippines, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, Russia, Peru, France, Turkey and Venezuela
After you watch the Miss Universe preliminaries, it is always pretty easy to tell who will make it, who could make it, who might make it, and who just fizzled to the extent that they should start practicing their clapping skills. However, that doesn't mean that there are never any shocks and 2012 was such a strange year for pageants. Some of the names that were called left me truly stunned. I think the biggest surprises at Miss Universe this year were the inclusion of the delegates from India, Turkey, Peru, and Russia. The biggest shocks about the ones that were not included were not hearing Puerto Rico, Malaysia (AGAIN!), and Paraguay called into the top 16.


69 young ladies competed for the 52 Miss International title on October 21 in Okinawa, Japan. During the first cut 15 ladies advanced to the semi-finals which left 54 going home empty handed. The delegates who were called into the top 15 were:
Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Sri Lanka, Finland, Namibia, Venezuela, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Paraguay, Mexico, India, Haiti
The Miss International top 15
I already mentioned that the standard of beauty at Miss International cannot even remotely be compared to what we saw at Miss Universe and Miss International. That being said, I have to be fair and say that Miss International was the pageant which didn't really have any really shocking exclusions or inclusions. All the favorites more or less made the top 15. Many people did not agree with Japan's inclusion but was the hometown girl really ever in danger of not making the top 15?! Several people had Finland on their radar even though she appeared to fizzle a bit, she was a nice surprise. Sri Lanka's inclusion was a lovely surprise as many had hoped she would make it. The same goes for Namibia. The rest were all pretty much expected. I had Poland as my favorite for the title but after seeing her in the evening gown round, I was not surprised by her exclusion at all. Other minor misses were the delegates from the Ukraine and Thailand. But the shock factor during this announcement was pretty low.


80 delegates travelled to the Philippines to vie for the 12th Miss Earth title. During the first cut, 16 semi-finalists were announced. The delegates who were called were:
Russia, South Africa, Germany, Venezuela, Korea, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, Scotland, Costa Rica, Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, Brazil, the Philippines, and the USA
The delegates from Russia, South Africa, Germany, Venezuela, and Korea all made it to the top 16
I had mixed feelings about the Miss Earth top 16. There were some shocks, some nice surprises, and then also some unexpected exclusions. In terms of the favorites: Czech Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, USA, Costa Rica, and Poland were definitely named as front-runners. The Philippines had the homeground advantage but many disgruntled fans felt that she did not even deserve to be in the top 16 at all. Nepal was a lovely surprise in the top 16. Other surprises were Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Scotland. The exclusion of lovely Miss Thailand was a major shock. Other surprise exclusions were the Netherlands, Malaysia, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.

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