Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Miss World visits Iowa

The reigning Miss World, Wenxia Yu, continued a Miss World tradition of recent years by attending the 2013 Variety Telethon in Des Moines. This annual event raises money for the Variety Children's Charity and this year a record breaking amount of more than US$ 3,6 million was raised. Accompanying Yu and Miss World CEO, Julia Morley, was the reigning Mr. World, Francisco Escobar from Colombia and Miss World United States 2012, Claudine Book. The Miss World Delegation will now travel to Haiti where the Organization aims to focus the world's attention on the dire situation that still exists in this country. Over the next few days, the Miss World Organization will update their website with detailed descriptions of their work in Haiti. Follow their good work in this country at

The Miss World Organization has done a lot of good work in the past and this year they are taking it to the highest level ever. Anyone who says pageants are not relevant should really do themselves a favor and look at the amazing work done by Julia Morley and her organization. This proves that pageants are not just about fame, glamour, and greed. This is an organization with a real purpose and Julia and her entire organization and everyone who associates them with the good work done worldwide should be commended. This is why I have have been a firm supporter of this organization for the last 22 years. Bravo, Miss World Organization!

Photos courtesy of Miss World Organization,

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