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2012 Pageant Report Card: Judges

JULIA MORLEY: A tradition of the Miss World Pageant is that
the CEO/President of the Miss World Organization acts at Chairman of the Judges
The Miss World Organization made no secret of the fact that the panel was made of either people who are involved with the organization or people who are considered friends of the organization. This has to a certain extent been done the last few years. Now that of course usually leads to the "Miss World is rigged" claims that we hear and read about from the moment that the Miss World crown gets put on the winner's head until the bashers get tired of bashing the Miss World Organization. Even though I would love to see a celebrity panel choosing the winner once every few years, it must be kept in mind that the Miss World Pageant is a pageant with a purpose. They are essentially looking for an ambassador for their Beauty With A Purpose brand and I think the fact that they make no secret of that deserves some respect at least. However, fans want celebrities and the only people who are basically well-known to a certain extent was Mrs. Morley, Miss World 2007, and Chief Mandela (onl because of the Mandela name).
ZHANG ZILIN: Miss World 2007, China's Zhang Zilin was invited
to help the lady who would become part of their very special sorority
NIGEL BARKER: Top photographer Nigel Barker who
is well known for appearing on America's Top Model and
several other television shows was judge at this year's final
The Miss Universe Organization did a pretty good job in assembling a decent panel of judges for this year's telecast. Initially Cee Lo Green was named as a judge for the finals but his name was withdrawn a few days before the final. Even though most of the judges were C or D list celebrities, at least there was some star power on that panel. It was also nice to see some diversity on their panel - a Sri Lankan/English photographer, a Venezuelan baseball player, a Mexican actor and a Mexican former Miss Universe, a Japanese celebrity chef, and then an American sports star and a few wannabes. It's not easy to get celebrities on board for pageants anymore so I'm glad their panel had at least one or two really well-known people.  One thing I do want to mention is that I'm REALLY tired of seeing some no name reality stars like a "real housewife", etc. as a judge. This was probably also the first time that a dog helped to choose Miss Universe. I wonder if Cee Lo would've invited his cat or cockatoo to help him judge.
LISA VANDERPUMP: A real housewife and her dog
helped to select the new Miss Universe
JUNKO KOSHINO: Japanese fashion designer, Junko Koshino
was one of 13 Japanese judges who helped to choose Miss International 2012

If Miss Universe had C or D list celebrities, then Japan were galaxies away in terms of star power. They did not even really have Z list celebrities. 13 of the 15 judges were Japanese to star with. To be honest, I've never heard of any of them. There were only two "foreign" judges. One was the reigning Miss International, Maria Fernanda Cornejo from Ecuador, and the other was Honduras' ambassador to Japan who also happened to be Miss International Honduras 1977. I wonder if Miss International will ever manage to put on a decent show with a good panel of judges.
Miss International 2011 from Ecuador was one of
only two judges who were not Japanese
Welsh-Filipino rugby star Harry Morris was
one of the celebrity judges at Miss Earth 2012
I had never heard of any of the judges at Miss Earth 2012 apart from Eddie Tan who is the Channel Executive of Star World - the channel that will probably not broadcast Miss Earth again after the horrible telecast of 2012. The only redeeming factor is that they at least had one or two people who are involved in environmental affairs.
Joseph Foltz, USAID Deputy Chief of
Energy, Environment, and Climate Change

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