Friday, February 8, 2013

2012 Pageant Report Card: Host Cities/Countries

We are still experiencing a time of financial uncertainty, so it's no surprise that host cities/countries aren't exactly lining up to host pageants. For the last few years, though, China has been hosting pageants as if there would be no tomorrow. Celebrating their first footsteps into more modern and "free" times, pageants have been embraced by the government of the People's Republic of China. In fact, there are so many pageants held in the country every year, that they get the feeling that you experience when you realize you've just had that once extra helping too many of your favorite comfort food or dessert. The Miss World Organization, in particular, has formed a very close bond with Mainland China with the pageant been hosted in the country more often than not over the last ten years. Miss International's short-lived love affair with China seems was abruptly put on ice as the tension between China and Miss International's mother country, Japan, boiled over.

One pageant that "allegedly" always has no problem in lining up potential host cities, is the Miss Universe Pageant. There are usually rumors beyond rumors beyond rumors about possible host cities showing interest... even Mr. Trump himself usually boasts about the number of cities interested in hosting the Miss Universe Pageant... which leaves us wondering, why oh why can't the Miss Universe Organization ever secure host cities while the Miss World Organization has host cities lined for the next three years already. The difference lies probably in the willingness of the Miss World Organization's willingness to negotiate while the Miss Universe Organization needs to satisfy the demands/needs of their co-owner, NBC which won't budge on any negotiations regarding the pageant's prime time slot, etc. It's still and AMERICAN TV Special. Oh, and oh maybe, the Miss Universe Organization should really drop the hosting fee. Times are tough, guys.

As for Miss Earth, they are still having more fun in the Philippines after a brief stint in Vietnam. What was supposed to be long term plan quickly turned into a once off thing and despite Carousel Productions' desperate attempts to get the pageant to other locations like Thailand and Indonesia, it never works out and the Philippines is always the safety net.

In 2013, Indonesia is gearing up to host its first international pageant. We are cautiously optimistic and looking forward to Miss World's first time in Indonesia, however, there is also a bit of nervous anticipation to see if everything will go according to plan. It's definitely a bold choice.

But let's take a look back at the host cities/countries of 2012:



Even though the pageant community (in general) is bored of seeing the Miss World Pageant in China, it was definitely cool to see the pageant move from Sanya, located on China's tropical island of Hainan, to the far north Autonomous Inner Mongolia Region where the so-called "ghost city" of Ordos played main host to the Miss World Pageant for the first time. Now, no one can even try to deny that the officials of the Ordos Government did not go all out to ensure that they showed their best side to the world. From a lavish stage, to a wonderful array of activities, and 5 star treatment for the girls. Ordos certainly did not appear to be a ghost city.My main criticism would be that Ordos is also pretty much in the middle of nowhere and not easy to get to. But despite that once again, the Miss World Organization's great relationship with Mainland China proved to be fruitful.



Las Vegas' relationship with the Miss Universe Organization can be compared to China's relationship with the Miss World Organization. However, we do believe it's probably not nearly as profitable. Las Vegas is always there to save the day for the Miss Universe Organization though and after seeing a number of  Miss USA Pageants there the last few years, and two Miss Universe Pageants in 3 years, we are growing tired of seeing pageants in Vegas - the new pageant capital of the USA. After the hope of seeing the pageant in South Africa, the Dominican Republic, and even Miami faded, it was disappointing to have it in Vegas once again. Let's hope for something new in 2013.



It was, at least, nice to see the Miss International Pageant being hosted in a place where it had never been before. The Japanese island of Okinawa was definitely a good host for the pageant. In fact, it was a much better host than anyone anticipated. The one major thing is that Okinawa is quite remote which really did not make it easy or affordable for directors to get their girls there. Not even to the family, fans, and supporters of the pageant (outside of Asia) who wanted to attend.



For the greatest part of 2012, it was believed that Miss Earth would take place in Indonesia. Eventually it was announced that the Philippines would, once again, step in to host the pageant. We can't fault the Miss Earth Organization for trying hard to get the pageant to other locations, the problem is just that it never works out. Just like Vegas, it is boring to have the pageant in the same country each year. The delegates were treated amazingly well by the Filipino people though and they were at least taken to different locations in the country.

 *The Pageant Report Card is solely based on the opinion of the owner/editor of Eye For Beauty Blog, Andre Sleigh. It's just a fun way to look back at 2012 and put the Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth in unofficial competition with each other.


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