Sunday, January 13, 2013

New York wins Miss America 2013

23 year old Miss New York, Mallory Hagan from Brooklyn defeated 52 other contestants to win the 2013 Miss America title. She will go down in the record books as the fourth woman from her state to win the title. The last time Miss New York won was in 1984 when popular actress Vanessa Williams won the title. Williams gave up the crown when nude photos of her were released.

The new Miss America's platform was Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and her talent was tap dance. Hagan, who was crowned by outgoing title holder, Lauren Paeppeler from Wisconsin,  will now travel around the United States to represent the Miss America Organization for the next year.

The first runner-up was Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers, and the second runner-up was Miss Oklahoma, Alicia Clifton. Miss Wyoming, Lexie Madden, finished in fourth place and Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary, finished in fifth place.

The delegates from Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington made it to the the top 10. Alabama and Indiana completed the top 12 while the delegates from Florida, Kentucky, Montana, and Utah were the first to be cut after they made it to the top 16.
Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman, was named America's choice. Wineman made history as the first woman with autism to compete in the Miss America Pageant. Another delegate who hit the headlines was Miss District of Columbia, Allyn Rose, who announced that she would have a double mastectomy after the pageant as a preventative measure against breast cancer. Rose did not make it to the final 16.
As always, we have somewhat surprising results. It's really too bad that South Carolina or Wyoming did not win. They would have been stunning title holders. The winner is not too bad but not spectacular either. I will have to watch the pageant to see what she was like on the night. It seems like she has a wonderful personality. So sad that Allyn Rose did not make the cut. I guess they did not want a girl who competed at Miss USA.

Photos: The Huffington Post


  1. Miss New York or should I say Miss America is a very beautiful and stunning woman/title holder. She answered her question honestly unlike some who just talked about the question. Her talent was flawless and much better than some of the others that were out there! And she was stunning in her evening gown. For those who dont think she deserved the title than I think you should rewatch the pageant because appeartly you didn't see what the judges and what everyone else seen. Just because a state you wanted to win didn't win doesn't give anyone the right to bash on her for winning. You didn't see her supporters bashing anyone so please dont do it to her! And by the way Mallory is a spectacular woman!

  2. It's just an opinion. I said I will watch the show to form a better opinion. To each their own. I respect your opinion. I was not bashing her at all. Besides she is Miss America. She won the crown. She will go down in the record books as the 92nd Miss America. You should definitely stay away from the message boards because that's where the real bashing happens. Unfortunately in the pageant world one needs to grow a very thick skin. So congrats to Mallory and I am sure she will have a wonderful year. I wish her all the very best.