Saturday, January 12, 2013

If I were a judge: Miss America 2013

The 92nd Miss America will be crowned on January 12 at PH Live, The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in the United States' new pageant mecca, Las Vegas, Nevada. 53 delegates representing the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands will compete for the Miss America 2013 title. The winner will be crowned by outgoing title holder, Lauren Kaeppeler from Wisconsin.

The Miss America could not be more different than the Miss USA Pageant. I also find it quite easy to do my picks for Miss USA but it's extremely hard to pick my favorites for Miss America. I tend to go for the most beautiful girls but at this pageant they are looking for so much more. They want a wholesome, healthy, intelligent, well-spoken, and talented young woman so the results are often quite surprising but I believe there is a place for a pageant like this. I wish people would stop comparing Miss USA and Miss America because they cater for different markets and different women. Anyway, I tried to choose my favorites based on how the girls fared in preliminaries as well as beauty and looking at their profiles. As always, this is not a prediction but how I would have voted if I were a judge.

If I were a judge:

Miss America 2013: Miss District of Columbia, Allyn Rose
If I were to choose on beauty alone, I would probably have given it to one of the girls who I am placing second or third BUT I believe Allyn has wonderful opportunity to do something special with this title. It has been widely reported that she will have a double mastectomy after this pageant as preventative measure against breast cancer. This would be a great platform for her to take America (and the world) on her journey with her and she could use this powerful voice that she could potentially get as a way of inspiring and educating young women (and men) all around the world and even help to save some lives. That would give true meaning to this title.

1st runner-up: Miss Wyoming, Lexie Madden
I think Lexie is the most beautiful girl of the group and she could easily also win the title and be a very deserving title holder. She is in incredible shape and is styled amazingly well and looking the best I've ever seen her.

2nd runner-up: Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers
I would be equally happy if this girl took it all. She is just such a stunner and I'm sure she must be well-liked by the organizers. She is the girl who raised the most money and she was also Miss South Carolina's Outstanding Teen and got a top 10 placement at Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2009.

3rd runner-up: Miss Oklahoma, Alicia Clifton
4th runner-up: Miss Rhode Island, Kelsey Fournier
Top 15:
6th place: Miss Maryland, Joanna Guy
7th place: Miss Florida, Laura McKeeman
8th place: Miss Illinois, Megan Ervin
9th place: Miss Kansas, Sloane Lewis

10th place: Miss Colorado, Hannah Porter
 11th place: Miss New Jersey, Lindsey Petrosh
12th place: Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman
13th place: Miss Virginia, Rosemary Willis
14th place: Miss New York, Mallory Hagan
15th place: Miss North Dakota, Rosie Sauvageau
Miss Texas, DaNae Couch
Miss California, Leah Cecil
Miss Tennessee, Chandler Lawson


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