Saturday, December 8, 2012

Miss South Africa 2012: What I think will happen

Miss South Africa 2012 will be crowned at the Sun City Superbowl tomorrow night. The telecast will be shown live to  DSTV viewers on Mzansi Magic. As always, 12 young ladies will battle it out for the crown. I should actually have named this post, 'What I suspect will happen' because to be totally honest, I have no idea. I have not been unable to view YouTube videos this year... because there are none. All I know is that the rumor is that Sonia Raciti thinks Dhesha Jeram is the one who should win. But then it made the press that she's favoring Dhesha and that means we could be left with a surprise winner. I am also not sure if they will follow the same format or choose two representatives for the two international pageants. After the Melinda/Remona debacle and cancelling Miss SA Teen, they might just do that.

Anyway, here goes...


Miss South Africa 2012: Dhesha Jeram

1st runner-up: Natasha Kashimoto
2nd runner-up: Charne King
TOP 5:
4th place: Simone de Kock
5th place: Koketso Modiba
COMING UP: If I were a judge: Miss South Africa 2012


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