Monday, December 10, 2012

Marilyn Ramos is Miss South Africa 2012

Marilyn Ramos (21) was the suprise winner of the 2012 Miss South Africa Pageant that was held at the Sun City Superbowl. Hot favorites, 2010 runner-up Dhesha Jeram 2010 top 5 finalist Natasha Kashimoto, both failed to advance to the top 5. The first runner-up was Stacey Webb and the second runner-up was Pearle Nxele. The top 5 were completed by Simone de Kock and Charne King.

The new Miss South Africa is from Klerksdorp and she stands 1.74m tall. She will work for the Miss South Africa Organization owned by Sun International for the next year, appearing at several events and doing charitable work on behalf of her sponsors. Ramos will also represent South Africa at Miss Universe and Miss World 2013.

I am too shocked to even have a comment. THE SURPRISE RESULTS I IMAGINED HAPPENED. At least she is pretty. She definitely has potetntial.

Photo: Miss SA Facebook Page

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  1. Well having watched the pageant over and over thnx to my pvr, I relised somthing, marelin wasn't actually the intended winner, charne was pity she botched her answer and didn't think it through, but had charne won they would have given marelin the first runner up spot and she would have gone to miss world, but now although I love marelin she is a tad bit too sweet for miss universe, I hope she wins miss world and stacey goes to miss universe, the pageant itself was boring,