Saturday, December 8, 2012

If I were a judge: Miss South Africa 2012

The new Miss South Africa will be crowned on December 9th at the Sun City Superbowl at the Sun City Resort in South Africa's Northwest Province. The reigning Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam, is currently competing for the Miss Universe title in Las Vegas so she will be unable to personally hand over her crown. This is probably the first time that a reigning Miss SA will not be there to hand over her title. The winner of Miss South Africa 2012 will represent her country at the Miss World and Miss Universe Pageants in 2013. There is a possibility that two delegates will be chosen but that has not been confirmed. It is almost impossible for me to choose this chear because I have not seen one single YouTube clip. Last year they had some of the girls but this year I couldn't find any. So, I'm basing it purely on what I've seen and read so far. Who will be the next Miss South Africa?! If I were a judge:

12th place: Danelle de Wet
This is a good practice run for Danelle. She is only 19 years old and can definitely learn from this experiece and maybe return in the future to try again. I've read that she's weak in interview, so I doubt that she'll advance to the top 5.

11th place: Charlotte Smith

Charlotte actually reminds me of Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis. I think she is quite pretty and I really like her platform. But I am not sure if she's what the judges are looking for this year.

10th place: Koketso Modiba
I wanted to place her higher. But she reminds me too much of last year's 2nd runner-up, Thuli Sangweni. I like different looks every year. But I do find her quite appealing.

9th place: Marilyn Ramos
It seems like Marilyn is a firm favorite with some pageant fans. I did not see enough to convince me that she will not be in the top 5.

8th place: Stacey Webb
I've heard that she has a great personality so I believe that she will do well. It's always nice to have a girls who is tall, bright, attractive, funny, and nice.

7th place: Cindy Rosslind
There is something very sexy about Cindy. She can definitely use this experience as a learning curve and try again in 2 or 3 years from now.

6th place: Charne King
I think the photo above is gorgeous. The problem is that I've also seen some unflattering candids. I think she will place in the top 5 and I'll be fine with that.

5th place: Pearle Nxele
I think Pearle is super cute. I think she should do well but I wonder if her tardiness at the Miss SA workshop will count against her. I like her though and will be happy if she does well.

4th place: Tarryn Kim Cornelius
Tarryn is a famous swimsuit model. I am not sure if she's a pageant winner. But she could probably do well at Miss Universe. I think she should learn from this experience and come back in 2 years from now to take the title.

3rd place: Simone de Kock
Simone seems to have done well in this competition. I've also seen some amazing screenshots of her. I think her chances of winning are quite slim but I definitely think she is a worthy candidate for a top 3 finish.

2nd place: Natasha Kashimoto
I've always liked Natasha and have been a supporter since 2010. I loved her during the Miss International Pageant and thought she should have been at least one of the top 15 semi-finalists there. Her body was not that great at that pageant but she's lost a lot of weight and she's in winning form. I think she'll be perfect for the Miss World Pageant.


I was honestly not sure if I wanted to choose Dhesha as the winner. Yes, she's gorgeous, tall, in good shape, well-spoken, and she got sex appeal. My mine problem with her stems from her stint at Miss Supranational. I was disappointed that she did not try to get photographed as much as possible there. We need winners like Melinda Bam who truly has the Latina winning attitude. Girls who are going to fight for an international title. I'll give this one to Dhesha but I really hope that she'll use the year to focus on the international pageant(s) she will go to and make sure she's hungry for an international title. She has what it takes but she needs the hunger for it.

So, this is how I would have voted. This year is very unpredictable... we'll see how far off I am tomorrow.


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