Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mr. Colombia is Mr. World 2012

Francisco Javier Escobar Parra is the new Mr. World. He defeated 47 other delegates to win the 2012 Mr. World title. Escobar is 21 years old and stands 1.83m tall. His victory gave Colombia its first Mr. World title. The first runner-up was Andrew Wolff, Mr. Philippines. He was fast-tracked to the top 10 by winning the Mr. World Multi-Media award. Mr. Ireland, Leo Delaney, finished in third place and also won the Mr. World Sports title.

The rest of the top 10 were made up of the other fast-track winners, Mr. Canada who won Mr. World talent, Mr. Croatia - who won the Mr. World Extreme Challenge, and Mr Vietnam who won the Mr. World Fashion and Style Challenge. Mr. Belgium, Mr. England, Mr. Lebanon, and Mr. Peru also made it to the final ten.
Not exactly who I thought would win but he's not bad. Ireland was the best of the top 3 but I knew he would not win as the last Mr. World competition was won by Ireland. Some serious headscratchers in the top 10.

Photos: Miss World Organization

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