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Miss South Africa 2012 Special: Road to Miss SA 2

This year, our guest blogger in South Africa will once again keep an eye on the journey to find the next Miss South Africa. Every week, our blogger (who wishes to remain anonymous) will share their thoughts and opinions about The Road to Miss SA series as well as keep eye on the contestants who have the potential to do well internationally. There will also be a review of the final, and comments about the production in general. Eye For Beauty Blog is not based in South Africa and we are not able to follow the Miss South Africa Pageant closely.
Here follows our guest blogger's review of 'The Road to Miss SA 2012-Episode : 2':
Ready to Impress: Contestants arrive at the Wildcoast Sun in KwaZulu Natal where the workshops took place.
The workshops were filmed and are now being shown in a television special called 'The Road to Miss SA'.
Miss SA concluded quite an interesting 2nd episode on Sunday. The show introduced two of South Africa's industry experts:
I- Carl Isaacs who spoke to the girls on hair, make-up and overall appearance.
II- Mary Reynolds who coached the girls on catwalk skills and stage projection.
Mary and Carl were later invited to guest judge the Top 32 on two tasks. These tasks were judged upon, and the four girls with the lowest averages were eliminated.
Ready for the Battle: Nicole Deborah Elliot and Charlotte Smith pose for the cameras at the Wild Coast Sun
Task one started off where the girls had a few minutes to neaten their look to a casual smart outing that Miss SA should attend. Miss SA should always be on-call and it is therefore necessary to look outstanding at all times. The bottom three for this round went to Roxzelle Rheeder, Marika Nel and Ntsiki whilst Danielle de Wet, Charne King and Natasha Kashimoto were in the top three.

The second task was my personal favourite. The show only showcased eleven of the 32 semi-finalists walking down the ramp and answering an impromptu question. The questions that were asked were:

1- Why is Lady Gaga such a cultural icon? (Marilyn Ramos) Personal score: 8.5 she spoke well and with confidence. She is also quite beautiful.

2. Should private ownership of firearms be banned? (Aisha Dramat) Score: 7.9 she is gorgeous! But she choked and repeated "self-defence" three times.

3. Do violent films inspire violence? (Angelyn Hsu) Score: 6.9 she spoke quite terribly and looked a nervous wreck.

4. How important is honest criticism between friends? (Marike Nel) Score: 8.0 she was the more beautiful of the contestants and spoke quite fine for me.

5. Why should condoms be supplied to schools? (Charne King) Score: 8.9 answered superbly, but not really a Miss SA imo.

6. What would you give up to be the next Miss SA? (Dhesha Jeram) Score: 9.7 This woman is going to win! She is fierce and striking and I don't know how she didn't end up winning in 2010 to begin with. Speaks well and looks drop dead gorgeous!

7. Is the massive cost of the Olympics justified? (Cindy Rosslind) Score: 9.00 spoke wonderfully, but last week one of the judges had a problem with her accent. She is fairly pretty and made the top 16 last year.
Beautiful and Smart: Our guest blogger believes
Simone de Kock can go all the way to the top 5
8. Should children compete in beauty pageants? (Simone de Kock) Score: 9.5 her answer was great, expect her to make Top 12, possibly top 5.

9. If you found someone annoying, how would you go about letting them know? (Lucky Mthembu) Score: 9.20 she was cute in her answer and is really pretty. I think Top 12 is within reach.

10. How important is it for one to have the right image? (Michelle Mulder) Score: 7.7 she's young and cute.

11. Why is Rhino poaching so prevalent at the moment? (Roxzelle Rheeder) Score: 7.4 whilst undeniably beautiful, she struggled with the answer and found difficulty speaking. Felt sorry for her.
Loss For Words: Roxzelle Rheeder struggled to answer her question about
rhino poaching. She was one of four contestants eliminated in the first round.
The bottom three for stage ramp and question went to Aisha Dramat, Michelle Mulder and Angelyn Hsu whilst the Top three were Simone de Kock, Dhesha Jeram and Cindy Rosslind.

Based on the overall performance, four girls had to unfortunately be eliminated as the Top 32 became a Top 28. The four girls eliminated were Aisha, Marike, Roxzelle and Ntsiki.

Next week: The Top 28 will be reduced to a Top 24 after two more rounds of competition. A cocktail party and interviews by the press. Stay tuned for that.
Please note scores listed are those based on my personal opinion and do not reflect the judges scores whatsoever.

1. Ntsiki made it purely on the votes of Robert and Anele after Sonia was adament she should NOT make the top 32. She gets eliminated on the first round of competition when Anele and Robert are NOT judges. Sonia did not like Ntsiki's hair and overall appearance but Anele and Robert loved her and put her through.
2. Based on real time, this is the time when an "insider" went to the press and revealed Sonia showed favouritism to Dhesha.
3. At this point the Top 16 are known only by the producers of the show, four more girls will be eliminated when the Top 12 are announced in early December.
4. Based on TV stats, Miss SA 2010 and and 2011 dropped by 64% in viewership ratings since being broadcast on pay TV Mzansi.

All ideas, thoughts, comments, and critique expressed in these articles are solely those of our guest blogger and does NOT necessarily represent those of the editor of this website. I would like to make it clear that I have always been a great supporter of the Miss South Africa Pageant and that even traveled to the Miss World Pageant on two occasions to support Miss South Africa. It is my sincere hope that the organizers of Miss South Africa will take all the support, comments, and even criticism they get and use it to make the pageant relevant again. We do not want the pageant to suffer the same fate as its little sister, Miss SA Teen.

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