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Miss South Africa 2012 Special: Road to Miss SA 1

This year, our guest blogger in South Africa will once again keep an eye on the journey to find the next Miss South Africa. Every week, our blogger (who wishes to remain anonymous) will share their thoughts and opinions about The Road to Miss SA series as well as keep eye on the contestants who have the potential to do well internationally. There will also be a review of the final, and comments about the production in general. Eye For Beauty Blog is not based in South Africa and we are not able to follow the Miss South Africa Pageant closely. 

Here follows our guest blogger's review of 'The Road to Miss SA 2012-Episode 1':

The Road to Miss SA 2012 began airing Sunday, October 4 on DSTV's Channel 161, Mzansi. This is the third time the pageant is airing on the pay channel since it's last show on free to air SABC3 in 2009. The show broadcasts for an hour and starts at 5pm.
During this episode, we saw paper judging and regional judging to get the "thousands" (I actually think it's around 300-400) to 32 semi-finalists. It kicked off in Durban (with surrounding areas). Contestants who got a callback from paper judging to go through to Sibaya Casino numbered around 20. These 20 had to first walk in a swimsuit introducing themselves. Thereafter, a few were called back for interviews to further narrow it down. No standouts at all, this was a very average group.
Next stop was Grandwest Casino in Cape Town. Around 40-50 were called back after paper judging and the only real standout was Dhesha Jeram, who looked elegant in a deep blue cocktail dress and yellow heels. Asked if she thought she had an advantage over the others because she was the 1st runner-up in 2010, Dhesha said she didn't think she had any advantage but it is pressurising knowing she did well in 2010. There were a few others who were nice but forgettable.
The Hot Favorite: Dhesha Jeram was the runner-up in 2010
In Johannesburg, there were considerably larger amount of contestants, around 120. Perhaps this is because contestants from as afar as Bloemfontein and Mpumalanga had to come to Carnival City to audition. The current Miss Soweto, Lebogang Monggae spoke very well, but sadly doesn't have the appeal you'd want on the Miss Universe stage. The only true standout was Naledi Willers, who has a curvaceous body and speaks brilliantly. Personally, based on what I saw last night and ONLY last night, Naledi and Dhesha are running away with this competition and leaving a sea of average competitors behind them.
STAND-OUT: Naledi Willers caught our guest blogger's expert eye
Next week the Top 32 will be flown to Wild Coast Sun in Kwa Zulu Natal where 4 contestants will be eliminated. Stay tuned for that...

Now that I reviewed the episode, I have a few concerns which I'd like to point out:
1. Miss South Africa should NOT be broadcast on Mzansi. It appeals only to a wealthy demographic who can afford to watch DSTV. Miss SA is about national pride. Get it back onto SABC or M-Net.
2. Production for the pageant is backward and boring. Bring scores back, film in HD, give the contestants decent air time and make them individuals in the pageant, not part of a group who walk around in circles and circles. That is painful to watch.
3. Modernise the pageant, bring some large LED screens and a striking new format. Every year we are watching the same thing, with 12 different contestants. *yawn*
4. Invest in this pageant's future now. Less women are entering because there is NO marketing. The official website didn't even make a point to announce that the regional shows are starting. Very 3rd-World and very unprofessional, yet they get Professional Impressions to talk to the girls. Perhaps Sun Int needs one seminar themselves??
5. Judges who are judging a beauty pageant should look the part...
I pray that changes are made ASAP.
Miss SA 2012 will air live on Mzani Magic on Sunday, December 9th 2012 from Sun City.

All ideas, thoughts, comments, and critique expressed in these articles are solely those of our guest blogger and does NOT necessarily represent those of the editor of this website. I would like to make it clear that I have always been a great supporter of the Miss South Africa Pageant and that even traveled to the Miss World Pageant on two occasions to support Miss South Africa. It is my sincere hope that the organizers of Miss South Africa will take all the support, comments, and even criticism they get and use it to make the pageant relevant again. We do not want the pageant to suffer the same fate as its little sister, Miss SA Teen.


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