Friday, November 23, 2012

Miss Earth 2012 Review: T&T - Zimbabwe

80 young ladies from all around our planet are currently in Manila competing for one of the most prestigious beauty titles in the world, Miss Earth. The 12th Miss Earth will be crowned on Saturday, November 24 at the Versailles Palace close to Manila. The winner will succeed Ecuador's Olga Alava who won the 2011 Miss Earth title in Manila last year.

The Philippines, once again, proved to be an amazing host country and warm hospitality of the gracious hosts ensured that an amazing time was had by all the delegates. This year, the organizers (Carousel Productions) added a new element to the run-up to the finals. The delegates would get points as they took part in several activities. Medals and sub-titles were also awarded. All the scores were displayed on the official group scoresheets on! Although this seemed like a clear imitation of the Miss World leaderboard system, it was fun and I'm sure the delegates loved being awarded. The organizers should try and decrease the number of sub-titles and mini-competitions as they became just too hard to keep track off. It was a great idea and could be improved in the future - 25 sub-titles are just way too many.

The overall quality of this year's contestants is quite high. This is one of the better years for Miss Earth. There are actually about 30 ladies who could do really well. I just hope that the judges choose wisely. The trend that has been happening in the major pageant this year so far, home victories, will destroy all the crediblity that Miss Earth has got left. So, here's hoping for fair results and may the best (and most gorgeous and truly deserving) Earth Warrior win.



Trinidad and Tobago: Amryl Nurse ***
Amryl impressed during her stay in Manila. She is tall and definitely worth a second (and a third) look. She might not make it to the top 16 but if she does not, she won’t be too far off. She represented her country really well.

Turkey: Ilknur Melis Durasi *****
Miss Turkey’s success at this pageant blew me away. I never figured her to be one of the contenders so I was stunned when she started winning medal after medal after medal. In the end, I guess she is a good all-rounder and she has what it takes to do well. I wonder if her and South Africa will cancel each other out.

Ukraine: Ievgeniia Propkopenko *
The Ukraine is known for its stunning women but this year they did not send their best. I think their delegate will be left clapping.

Uruguay: Cynthia Kutscher *
Here’s another delegate who was rather on the forgettable side. I doubt that she will place.

U.S.A.:Siria Bojorquez ******
The United State has never won Miss Earth. I think statistic could change this year. Siria is tall, gorgeous, natural, and she also has the personality to take it all. Her age (she is only 19) could count against her but I still feel that she has everything it takes (and much more) to be a phenomenal Miss Earth title holder.

U.S. Virgin Islands: Carolyn Whitney Carter ****
Here’s another girl who I completely missed. However, after I saw that she won several awards including the Best in Evening Gown Award, I think (or fear) that she could be a huge spoiler. She is definitely one to watch.
Venezuela: Osmariel Villalobos*****
Venezuela is completing very strongly as usual. Osmariel has been one of the front-runners since Day 1. She is basically a shoo-in for a top 4 spot. I doubt that she will win but I think a she could be one of the runners-up. She’s ready.

Vietnam: Do Hoang Anh **
I reckoned she had a pretty good shot at a top 16 placement at first but was quite disappointed by her lackluster performance during her time at the pageant.

Wales: Zoe Kinsella ***
Zoe’s sultry beauty was noticed by many fans. She has been mentioned as a top 16 placement by several pageant fans and experts. Of all the UK girls, she could be the one of the best chance of being one of the lucky top 16. She has done very well.

Zimbabwe: Dimitra Markou **
Many people were shocked to see a girl with a light complexion represent this African nation. Given their recent political history that’s not really a surprise. But Dimitra must be commended for representing her country well. She is not what I consider to be classically beautiful but she held her own.


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