Thursday, November 22, 2012

Miss Earth 2012 Review: India - Malta

80 young ladies from all around our planet are currently in Manila competing for one of the most prestigious beauty titles in the world, Miss Earth. The 12th Miss Earth will be crowned on Saturday, November 24 at the Versailles Palace close to Manila. The winner will succeed Ecuador's Olga Alava who won the 2011 Miss Earth title in Manila last year.

The Philippines, once again, proved to be an amazing host country and warm hospitality of the gracious hosts ensured that an amazing time was had by all the delegates. This year, the organizers (Carousel Productions) added a new element to the run-up to the finals. The delegates would get points as they took part in several activities. Medals and sub-titles were also awarded. All the scores were displayed on the official group scoresheets on! Although this seemed like a clear imitation of the Miss World leaderboard system, it was fun and I'm sure the delegates loved being awarded. The organizers should try and decrease the number of sub-titles and mini-competitions as they became just too hard to keep track off. It was a great idea and could be improved in the future - 25 sub-titles are just way too many.

The overall quality of this year's contestants is quite high. This is one of the better years for Miss Earth. There are actually about 30 ladies who could do really well. I just hope that the judges choose wisely. The trend that has been happening in the major pageant this year so far, home victories, will destroy all the crediblity that Miss Earth has got left. So, here's hoping for fair results and may the best (and most gorgeous and truly deserving) Earth Warrior win.



India: Prachi Mishra **
I had high hopes for Prachi before the start of the competition. I knew another victory so soon after their 2010 victory would be basically impossible but I believed that she could at least be in the top 4.Unfortunately she did not really live up to the hype. She was OK but not as great as expected. And it seems like she’s also not what the organizers and judges are looking for this year.

Indonesia: Chelsy Liven ***
Chelsy is tall and quite attractive but she seems to be a demure beauty. As she seems to be naturally shy and reserved, she could be excluded. The fact that Miss Earth is rumored to be in her country next year could work in her favor.

Italy: Giulia Capuani **

Giualia definitely has some sort of appeal. I was drawn to her striking looks in most photos and I thought she could be a possible spoiler. As the competition progressed, she did lose a bit of steam though. I think she represented her country well though and in a less competitive year, she would have definitely made the cut.
Japan: Megumi Noda **
Here’s another one of my pre-pageant favorites who failed to deliver on the hype. Megumi’s pre-pageant photos looked much better than her candids in the Philippines. I had high hopes for her but was left quite disappointed.

Kenya: Fiona Konchellah ****
Fiona is by far the most beautiful black delegate in the completion… well, for me anyway. I thought she looked familiar and the later realized that she competed at Miss World. The field is probably weaker than at that pageant but I think she also really improved. I think she could go as far as the top 8. I find her beauty captivating and I’m rooting for her!!!

Korea: Sara Kim ***

Who says Asian girls are all demure and withdrawn?! Sara seems to be one of the most fun-loving, vibrant, and energetic girls of the bunch. It was a joy to see her compete at this pageant. She could definitely be named one of the top 16 and as she seems to be really well-liked by her peers so she could be a shoo-in for Miss Personality. Go Miss Korea! Do it Gangnam style! J
Kosovo: Ajshe Babatinca *
Ajshe is one of girls who arrived super late. She did not really do much to impress or stand-out. I hope she enjoyed her brief stay in the Philippines.

Lebanon: Patricia Geagea ***
Now here’s a latecomer that I happen to love. Her smoldering good looks are just too hard to ignore. I respond very well to the sultry type of beauty she has. Late arrival or not, she would be a welcome inclusion in the top 16.
Malaysia: Deviyah Daranee ****
Malaysia sent the uber-gorgeous Deviyah to compete for them this year. She gained lots of attention from fans around the world and many believe that she could, should and will be in the top 16. I believe she can as far as the top 8! I would love to see her do well!

Malta: Yasmin Falzon *
Competing at a major international pageant is a great honor. I hope Yasmin had a really memorable time representing her country in the Philippines.


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