Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miss Earth 2012 Review: Canada - Dominican Republic

80 young ladies from all around our planet are currently in Manila competing for one of the most prestigious beauty titles in the world, Miss Earth. The 12th Miss Earth will be crowned on Saturday, November 24 at the Versailles Palace close to Manila. The winner will succeed Ecuador's Olga Alava who won the 2011 Miss Earth title in Manila last year.

The Philippines, once again, proved to be an amazing host country and warm hospitality of the gracious hosts ensured that an amazing time was had by all the delegates. This year, the organizers (Carousel Productions) added a new element to the run-up to the finals. The delegates would get points as they took part in several activities. Medals and sub-titles were also awarded. All the scores were displayed on the official group scoresheets on! Although this seemed like a clear imitation of the Miss World leaderboard system, it was fun and I'm sure the delegates loved being awarded. The organizers should try and decrease the number of sub-titles and mini-competitions as they became just too hard to keep track off. It was a great idea and could be improved in the future - 25 sub-titles are just way too many.

The overall quality of this year's contestants is quite high. This is one of the better years for Miss Earth. There are actually about 30 ladies who could do really well. I just hope that the judges choose wisely. The trend that has been happening in the major pageant this year so far, home victories, will destroy all the crediblity that Miss Earth has got left. So, here's hoping for fair results and may the best (and most gorgeous and truly deserving) Earth Warrior win.



Canada: Valerie Remillard *
I think Canada has sent stronger girls in the past. I don’t see Valerie as one of the front-runners, or even someone who could be a spoiler.
China: Jin Rong *
Miss China arrived towards the end of the competition. This year the Chinese did not send a strong delegate. I doubt that she will place.

Chinese Taipei: Jen-Ling Lu *
After last year’s amazing delegate, this year’s girl is a total let-down. She is just not international pageant material. I guess Cherry’s placement did not inspire Taiwanese girls to enter. I am very disappointed.
Colombia: Cindy Kohn-Cybulkiewicz **
Cindy is quite attractive and in a year with a weaker field she could have made the cut. But Miss Earth is having one of its better years in terms of the overall quality of the delegates. I think there are stronger delegates than her.

Cook Islands: Teuira Napa **
This is the first time a delegate from the Cook Islands has taken part in the Miss Earth Pageant. They should feel very proud of their first delegate. She has not gone by unnoticed but I think she will probably not make the cut.

Costa Rica: Fabiana Granados ****

In my opinion, Fabiana is one of the most stunning beauties of the bunch. She just screams Miss Earth. It does seem like she’s not standing out as much I expected her to stand out and she’s not been getting noticed in the challenges. It would be a shame if she missed the cut. She should at the very least be in the top 16.
Crimea: Liudmyla Kuzmina *
Last year’s delegate was one of the hottest favorites because of her gorgeous face, despite not being the greatest pageant shape. This year it’s the other way around. Their delegate has a great body but facially she’s definitely lacking the beauty of her predecessor.

Czech Republic: Tereza Fajksova ******
I had Tereza as my clear winner at the start of the pageant but now I am having doubts. When she is glammed up she looks sensational but she often opts for a more natural style which doesn’t make her stand out that much. It could work in her favor though. After all, this is Miss Earth and a great emphasis is placed on natural beauty. Best scenario: Miss Earth 2012. Worst scenario: top 8.

Denmark: Belinda Jensen **
There is something very likeable about Belinda. Unfortunately she is not among those delegates who are in the greatest pageant shape. That will probably count against her and I expect her to miss the cut.

Dominican Republic: Rocio Castellanos *****
Rocio is one of the girls that arrived later than the others but that should not stop her. She is tall, striking, and ready to fight for it. She has already garnered lots of attention by winning Miss Careline and Miss Bicol Shirts and a few medals. She could even go as far as winning of the elements (the runner-up spots).

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