Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss Earth 2012: Crowning Photos

The stunning Tereza Fajksove (23) became her country, the Czech Republic's first Miss Earth at the Versailles Palace close to Manila last night. The 1.8m stunner is the first European in 10 years to win the title. She will now travel the world for the next year as our new Earth Warrior promoting environmental causes on behalf of the Miss Earth Organization, Carousel Productions.
I Did It: Tereza Fajksova, the new Miss Earth, struts with her crown and sash
at the Versailles Palace shortly after being named the winner of Miss Earth 2012.
Ecstatic: The new Miss Earth could not believe that she won her country's first Miss Earth crown

Elemental Court: Miss Earth Fire (Brazil), Miss Earth 2012 (Czech Republic), Miss Earth Air (Philippines), and Miss Earth Water (Venezuela) were the final four of the competition. They survived 2 rounds of competition (swimsuit and evening gowns) and answered one final question. The final four got the same question this year and had 30 seconds to answer it.
Walking on Water: The new Miss Earth followed by her court Philippines (Miss Earth Air), Venezuela (Miss Earth Water), and Brazil (Miss Earth Fire) walk on the ramp built over the swimming pool at the Versailles Palace close to Manila.

A Kiss for my Earth: Miss Czech Republic blows a kiss after being named one of the
top 16 finalists. Tereza Fajksova later went on to clinch her country's first Miss Earth title.
Body of a Queen: Miss Earth 2012, the Czech Republic's Tereza Fajksova takes part
in the top 16 swimsuit competition. Fajksova progressed to the top 8, top 4, and won the crown
Angelic Beauty: The new Miss Earth walks on the ramp over the swimming pool
dresses in her gorgeous white evening gown during the top 8 evening gown parade.
I Want This: A determined Miss Czech Republic walks on stage as she prepares to
wow the judges in the evening gown round. Tereza Fajksova is Miss Earth 2012.

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